Numerology Number

Numerology Number

Today I am going to discuss about some Numerology Number that lie within your name. The numbers play an important role while you follow the numerology. What are these numbers? How do they look like? There are some numbers that you need to understand and those numbers are 23 and 19 and 10 and 46 and 50 and 43 and 41 and 55 and 10.

These Numerology Number is regarded very powerful in numerology because if you have this powerful number in your name then the power of your name becomes more lucky enough to live a prosperous and good life. Lucky name numerology means that you have a very good name number power in your calling name. This name number power will change all things around you and give you a good future which will really make you successful.

Now I would like to talk about the Numerology Number 23 which is called a business number. If you have this number in your business name then your business will become more successful than others. You will gain profits you will gain all the luck and if you have any losses it will recover all the loss in your business and makes you stand competent. It will flourish your business automatically. If you have this number in your name as name number which means you will be very fast in thinking do you have very less patience but still you are thinking is very very strong that enables you to do things faster than what you supposed to do.

And this is where again success comes if you have Numerology Number 23 in your name. Cheiro numerology give preference to these numbers and especially 23 is the most famous number in the book written by Cheiro. This book clearly gives all the numbers what have been mentioning in this article. And the next number which I want to explain is the number 41 which is the combination of the Uranus and Sun. The combination of these two planets will make you really successful in terms of any work you do or any business you do or any study you do or anything related to success will bring true success.

So believe me Numerology Number 41 gives all the success that you want and that too very fast success. Now coming to the number 10 this number is called as the Wheel of Fortune in so many ancient books of numerology. This number means it brings very slow luck and study luck that remains permanent. The love witch you get out of the number 10 is of permanent in nature because it is the combination of the planets and alone within this number. As we know the planets sun is all the way powerful than any other planets which means the same thing applies in numerology too. It is the Wheel of Fortune which brings all luck and it is as a king of numbers.

Now let me explain about the other Numerology Number 55 I need to say very specially about this number. The reason is very simple that with this number by applying according to numerology kal method or according to pythagorus or chaldean numerology you can simply get luck within one day or two days. My following numerology numbers you do not need to wait more time to get luck with the Number 55. It is such an unique number which will embrace all the luck within 24 hours of applying it to your name. It could be to your business name or it could be to your personal name, it brings success. But unfortunately the negative point of this number is that you will accumulate so many Enemies if you have this number in your name.

People feel getting jealous about your business success or people feel getting jealous about you are good job for career. In this way you have so many Enemies in such a way they may harm you at some point of time it could be a physical harm or we could be a business firm so you need to be very careful and you’ll must have forgiving nature. This is all you require in order to become successful with the Numerology Number 55 very unique number according to Cheiro. Now let me talk about the Numerology number 46.

This is a combination of the Uranus and Venus. These planets are known for its beauty and Elegance and success. Venus is the Planet of money. Venus shows its power in all your financial needs. It will simply bring you success if you have this number in your name. Follow the number 46 and get success in terms of finance.

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Business Name Numerology

What is business name numerology

We all want to do business. But how do we do this succesfully? This can happen only with business name numerology. If in any way you want to set up some business or if you are already into some business, then the best method that you must follow before setting up is business name numerology. But why? The answer is numerology is a science of luck and power in business. So here if you follow this science and keep your name according to business name numerology then you will soon become with a company highly profitable. Make yourself in a position to first  go with knowing the method of numerology in business setup and how to do it. It is as simple as that. Approach numerologist who can do this set up. What I mean by set up is keeping your company name in tune with numerology.

How to set up business name as per numerology

Make yourself in a position to first  go with knowing the method of numerology in business setup and how to do it. It is as simple as that. Approach numerologist who can do this set up. What I mean by set up is keeping your compancy name in tune with numerology. First before buying anything, you need to register your business name. For this you have to consult good numerologist who can do this favor in one or other way. He will give all what you want. He will keep your business name as per your date of birth. So get to know whom to approach and which name you want to keep to your company. Sometimes you want to keep name as per your wish. But make sure to take those name to numerologist.

How to choose name to your business

Among the many problems that I have noticed as a numerologist is that business owners keep very long names. This is useless in the eyes of numerology business numbers. What you first do is:

  1. Choose very small business name
  2. Do not go for long names
  3. Make names user friendly at the same time
  4.  Avoid keeping two or three words in the name
  5. No trying on your own.
  6. Approach right numerologist.
  7. Tell about your business and name must be accordingly.

If you follow the above rules while setting up your business name numerology then all goes successful.

Naming your business properly

When you want to keep business name, you cannot just sit and choose name as per your wish. Just give all rights to numerologist. He will do all the work. Do not suggest from your side some names and numerolgist will be forced to keep names inspite of good names in his mind. So never suggest such way. Give all the freedom to your numerologist and work for a better numerology name.

Conclusion: Business Name Numerology will suely bring all benefits to you. But you must try to know whom to approach. If you wish I can help you with your Business Name Numerology. Just Order Now

How to win lottery with Numerology

How to win lottery with numerology numbers is always a question of secret. Usually numerologists will never tell this mystery. But every numerologist knows very well about how to win lottery with numerology. Inspite of the failures in life you can simply become rich and successful with just one number in the ame of lottery. So It is very important to know which number plays what type of role in getting rich through numbers. Winning lottery needs to select particular type of numbers. The numbers are like very powerful ones which we know through out the history. Whichever the possibility the best thing is to make sure to pick up lucky numbers. So the lucky numbers are the heart of the lottery winning. So in and around you must be tick those numbers in your mind. If you know which numbers could play vital role you can simply win any type of lottery. So here you have to follow numerology. This numerology based predictions about numbers will make you winn that precious lottery which you have been desiring for the long years. Winning is very easy when it comes to lotter with the help of numerology numbers.

So which are the lucky numbers:

  1. Nineteen(19) is super lucky number in Numerology.
  2. Ten(10) is the number of fortune of wheel.
  3. Twenty three(23) is the lucky business number.
  4. Fifteen(15) is the number of money in numerology.
  5. Twentyfive(25) is the number of intellectual power.
  6. Thirtytwo(32) is also the luck of everything.
  7. Thirtyfive(35) gives sudden luck in lottery.
  8. Thiryseven(37) is known as the king of lottery winning.
  9. Fourtyone(41) sweeps all the competetion in lottery and wins.
  10. Fourtythree(43) brings also instant success while buying lottery.
  11. Fourtysix(46) is the number of winning first prize.
  12. Fifty(50) is a sure win number.

The above 12 numbers must be used and chosen. When you choose lucky lottery number, give highest preference to the above 12 numbers and It is damn sure you will win the lottery. This is the power of great science called numerology. This numerology of lucky numbers play a lucky and prosperous role. Automatically these number will come in the winning draw. So search for such type of number while buying lottery. This is the only way to win lottery through lottery. In this way you can be successful.

But now a days the lottery owners are very clever enough not keeping lucky numbers at all in the list. So here again all difference comes. When you buy a lottery from a company you have to analyze its past draws and which numbers have taken role while winning. So this is the way. If you see there are no lucky numbers at all, then I am sure you have to go with unlucky numbers. Most of the lottery owners now a days play with unlucky numbers. Some times prize is hidden in unlucky numbers. So it is your research about lottery winning numbers that makes you lucky.

So when you choose lottery try to use numerology lucky and powerful numbers. They can bring success and make you rich or  some times gives you prosperity. This is how to win lottery with Numerology.

Numerology number 55

 Number 55 Power

55 means very fast luck. You can simply get luck within very short span of time especially if you have business in this name or if you have it as your personal name. 55 is regarded one of the powerful numbers by Cheiro. It is understood by Cheiro that you will get lucky fast. But there is one problems with this number that it will bring you enemies along with luck. So you must be careful not to let enemies damage you in one or other way. So while thinking about this number, you must also think about your enemies too in a very special way.

Otherwise you cannot come up successfully. Numerology number 55 is very powerful and will bring progress in a very less amount of time. You can keep it as new name for any new born with this number or else you can correct your existing name to 55 or you can start business with this number so that you can prosper your business very fast and get profits even you have less investment. You can compete very well with other businesses too if you have 55 as you office number.

Not to mention about enemies that this number will bring to you, I suggest not to have this number if you have more enemies around already or if you are a person of hot temper. For those who are soft natured who have less number of enemies can have this number as your personal number or as business number.

55 is the combination of 5 and 5 which means the combination of Mercury and Mercury. It is a planet of fastness. Quick in nature and good in luck. Many ancient people have used it to be successful. They remained successful despite all impossibilities around them. So I suggest strongly to use this number and become all the more powerful than what you are now. Get huge profit and success with this numerology number 55

best numerologist in guntur

Who is best in Numerology?

As far as my knowledge, those who are qualified only are called the best numerologist in Andhra Pradesh. Probably what I mean to say about best numerologist in Guntur is that he must have basic qualification from any university. Shyam Reddy in one of them who did his numerology studies from Urbaniana Unversity Rome, Italy. So you have to make sure whether the numerologist you are approaching is excellent person to deal with your family problems or not, you have to think once. So you should think that the person must be able to solve all your problems rather than to be popular.

I find very few people are with this caliber of soloving job and career problems. Some may have relationship and love problems. Very few numerologists will do the work. Shyam Reddy could be one among them the best numerologist situated and loacted in Guntur area, If you approach him he will see numerology of your life. He will check your date of birth and he may also check you left hand palm to reveal the most probable secrets of your life. He will give enough solutions to all your problems. When you approache him you must make sure you carry your date of birth and the time of birth and if possible place of birth. So that it is easy for you and for the future predictions go easily.

If you are seaching for a best numerologist around Guntur and Vijayawada, Do not hesitate to contact Shyam Reddy. His office is in pottisreeramulunagar, Guntur.-522002. The fees is very less comparing to other numerologists and astrologers in Guntur and Vijayawada. If you are poor enough to pay the fee also, He will understand your situtation and sometimes offer you free services of Numerology, Horoscope, Palmistry and Astrology and Lucky Baby Name and your personal name corrections and your Love predictions and marriage dates.

Shyam Reddy (Numerologist cum Pronologist)


South Indian Numerology

South Indian Numerology is from Andhra Pradesh. Shyam Reddy is famous numerologist in south India. Here in South India Numerology is vastly followed especially in Chennai. Here people are very much taken up and fascinated by the word numerology or largely astrology. This means traditionally in south India numerology played its strengthening role here and there. So in this way it is conditional. There is not way that you are into very bad situation. Because astrology power would help one to become more lucky and prosperous.

South Indian numerology follows mostly panchang. This means a local language term called astrology through planets and stars. This star predictions are very high here in South Indian Numerology. In stars we have First feet star Second feet star and Third feet going upto fourth feet. So this is the main system that people follow here in south Indian astrology

Moon Astrology also very popular unlike numerology. People follow the predictions as per the moon direction and placement in one’s life. So this type of numerology is based on exclusively not by name or any other but only by moon.

At last I say that south Indian numerology is not that famous here as other forms of numerology. Here there are lot many things to ponder. One of such is that how people react towards numerological predictions. As it is one of the ways to get through. People are not English language driven in South India. They do not know how to speak English. So numerology is by far in English. So here people fail to follow numerology as a powerful science. But Shyam Reddy famous numerologist doing wonders here by establishing numerology services in South India efficiently.

So any one interested to know more about south Indian numerology you have to come to her and visit me personally or visit the place and local people as a part of research

Numerologist in Guntur

Numerologist in Guntur

numerologist in guntur
Meet famous numerologist in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

Today I want to share about shyam reddy numerologist in Guntur. He is famous numerologist from Guntur. A popular numerologist for name correction.

I was in search of opportunities to study numerology. I studied very hard and researched many books. I also studied different types of people. I noticed that different people react very strangely with different date of birth.

The above blog has become popular in no time regarding numerology name correction and I started offering my numerology to different types of people around the world.

Numerologist in Guntur predicted things aptly and made  many people lucky with my powers of numerology predictions. My predictions on 15 wealth number has soon become famous.

Many read this article with so much interest.  Shyam Reddy Numerologist in Guntur is the trending keyword in google search engine.

If any one types this keyword you will get my name as google authentication. you can see our latest predictions for this year

This way I became famous and started my official website on numerology. This is the very site that I have started and it rocks in numerology world.

I became top 2 numerologist in the world as Shyam Reddy numerologist hailed from Guntur. On youtube also I stand first if you type Best TV Numerologist . I have given many tv shows live. you will find this very clearly on youtube.

I am Shyam Reddy famous numerologist to make you lucky. Order your nummerology report for name correction. You can change your life. My popular articles are interesting to read.

Below I am giving popular articles from my blog. Know  now how to predict your turning point .The above articles are exclusively written by Shyam Reddy Numerologist.

If you want to meet him, you can take appointments for numerology consultation. He is available in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India. So meet Shyam Reddy numerologist in Guntur and change your life entirely with luck.

Best Numerologist in Guntur

The best numerologist could be myself because I have many clients around Guntur and in Andhra Pradesh. I know many numerologists in Andhra Pradesh but the best could be only one.

When you want some good numerology charts, you have to search for an authentic person who is willing to talk clearly about your future luck. Who cannot irritate for the questions you ask.

Patience is very important for any numerology predictions. I have such clear knowledge about perfect future predictions and name corrections. You may get many free numerology charts else where but they are very general in nature. Every person in different and unique so your luck is always unique.

So it is always better to approach numerologist in person. I am the first numerologist in Guntur who incorporated office very actively and who is totally involved in giving future predictions for all my clients.

If you type in google search who is good numerologist, you will get to know through Just Dial who could be top people in this area. But I suggest there are 100 Numerologists in Guntur.

Or you can find many ✓Astrologers, ✓Vastu Pandits, ✓Online Numerologist, ✓Astrologer Birth Stone experts in Guntur. You can also fetch their respective  Phone Numbers, Address, high top genuine reviews, Maps for good and high experise top 7 Numerologists near me in Guntur on Justdial but do not believe all those people you find on just dial because it a combination of fake and real numerology readings.

Astrologers who claim to be best numerology experts are fake. So take good choice who is genuine and not  while thinking of meeting some.

You will get general free reports but they are not in depth about you. So being specific is very important when you approach any numerology. Shyam Reddy could be better. in these respects. You ca

n visit my office in Guntur and get your doubts totally cleared. This way you can manage things rightly. your future will give one idea about you already.

You may be thinking now something may happen and some may not happen. But when you look up things rightly, it is for sure that you cannot really know 100% exactly what is your future holding for you.

You may become rich suddenly in overnight and you may become poor overlay because of some loss in business. So here expert can help you to come out of all these problems and be successful. So you better be aware of your future charts of numerology what it tells and what it holds for you.

Do not be lazy to know about yourself as it decides you future very fast. So I am always available is Guntur for you. You can come and visit me once and I will change your future very instantly.

I will cast a spell of high magic in your life with best numbers of luck driving towards your future. This is how you can win life and become successful.

However you must count what to do on which days. you must know which are suppose to be your lucky numbers. If you understand this you can become lucky so easily  with which date you can work in future regarding any important events.

So least but no so less, numerology numbers and numerology reading and numerology charts play a vital and crucial part in living life as per you want. And you destiny number and fate number and birth number also very important to know your lucky numbers.

In this way, you can become a person who follows life cleverly with out any problems. Great thing may also happen if you believe some lucky numbers like 23, 37, 41, 50.

There are many other lucky numbers which I do not want to reveal as  of now. So approach best numerologist who can solve all your problems and give right solutions at right time.

 Top 7 Numerologists in Guntur

7. Numerology Guntur Kiran
6. Rama Krishna Vaastu Numerology
5. SAR Numerology
4. Vasudev Maharaj
3.Jyothisyavaani Numerology
2. Aaryaa Occult
1. Shyam Reddy Numerologist in Guntur

Best in India

I am here today to give you the information related best numerologist in India. There are many numerologist around where you are really confused who is genuine and who is not.

So today I want to make clear about the best numerologist in India. There are many clients who are approaching  2 or 3 numerologists. They are not really satisfied with one numerologist.

As this is a problem for many. The reason is that they cannot maintain standards as per numerologist.

The list which I am going to give here is from the experience of asking many clients and based on the opinion poll of many clients in India we are concluding about the best numerologist in India.

See we have seen many numerologists who are not qualified. So one must be qualified for numerologist. We have many TV numerologist who are just not qualified but because of the money they came up. But the qualified numerologist is the real numerologist.

Taking this as  a point of understanding, we have to analyze carefully which numerologist is following the both methods of numerology.

There is only one numerologist who is doing so. You will know this when I give Top 5 numerologists down. So as far as we are digging and asking many clients we have also checked the results when name is corrected or when something new name is given.

So here results are also very important when someone gets numerology name correction. This decides about the best numerologist in India.

One most important thing about numerology is its service fee. We have analyzed service fee also when checking top and best and famous numerologist in India.

So here many numerologists are collecting lot of amount and just not giving luck. Many middles class people are not in a state of getting name correction due to poverty. So check below the best numerologist in India as top 5.

Top 5 Numerologists in India

  1. Vani
  2. Sanjay Jumani
  3. Shweta
  4. Nehhru
  5. Rajat Nayar

Numerology by Shyam Reddy Numerologist in Guntur

Famous Numerology in Guntur
numerology wise name correction

Numerology Names Correction

Numerology Name Correction Warm Welcome to Numerology site – the 100% Free Numerology name correction. Do you know that your name speaks luck in your life ? I am telling right.

Yes truly I tell that your name is the major part of your life in deciding your lucky life.


It is a way of getting notified to your planets that your name can rule the earth with  utmost luck. So think about getting into numerology way of life and feel the success. It is very important to know the importance of numerology name correction as it enhances and inspires your life with happiness and good luck.

It is also a very important aspect to understand that this is the science of ancient system of Pythagoras and Chaldean numerology methods. The old science that dominates present methods of astrological systems. As a common while reading this article, you may not be aware about all those methods unless you research.

Try once researching online about those mentioned methods of numerology systems and its powerful vibration in one’s name.

In the long run of reading and studying numerology, you will also know the value and usage of numerology name correction by ancient generations of society in Egypt and China and many parts of the world as a luck factor of science.

Many are unaware of keeping a right personal name that matches the date of birth and time of birth and place of birth. You may be also not knowing those precious numbers in front of us going unnoticed.

Lucky numbers are the heart of luck which are inherently present in your present name.

Changing name with numerology

So you have to elaborately think about how you can use these numbers in your life. What I mean is in your existing full name or calling name.

While reading this article you may be now inspired to know about this forgotten and less initiated science while naming a baby numerology. you have to go ahead doing it irrespective of non belief from your friends and others. Go confidently and directly to make and get “numerology name correction.”

Numerology Name Correction Changing any of your names mean that you have to change name only according to numerology. It is the only finest way of getting luck.

It does not mean that you have to take completely different one but just to make a name correction in terms of spelling. May be you must alter the spelling by adding one or two alphabet or deleting one or two alphabet.

When you do this change as per numerology, you will start getting luck and prosperity in your job and overall career. you will win what you are about to fail like success in exam point of view or getting back your lost girl friend or boy friend.

With the name correction by numerology you can also live a very happy marital life. There are various benefits if you follow this age old science of luck in your life.

Numerology name means it must be given only by expert and not to be done by reading some books.

Numerology name correction calculator

Doing any thing that is not in tune with the science means you are no more inviting good luck in to your life rather than you are welcoming bad luck.

So try to first understand how to use lucky name numerology with all the resources available or meet some numerologist who can teach you about this traditional powerful great subject.  Name change will surely influence your way of day today life in or other forms of life.

You can fine some online numerology calculator to do some basic numerology name correction So the imminent progress through this is unexplained. Get some thoughts over this and thing the right way of approach to the science.

Only then you can benefit highly. You will grasp some gracious elements which will somehow attract through positive vibrations of life.

The positive feeling of luck is what that you look after all together. After all it is very easy to do and very fine to understand basic methods involved here. Make sure you can give right output and input through numbers. Some lucky numbers are like 23, 32, 50 and 37.

But none of these numbers will really match your date of birth. This depends on your birth number and fate number which number is suitable to you.

How to calculate

Numerology Name Correction Now how to calculate your name? “Can you do by yourself ?” No way you can. You have to meet expert to calculate real numbers in your birth chart.

If you search online there are free numerology name correction software. This types of software can only show the existing numbers in your name and not the entire thing. Knowing the current capacity is not the primary duty of you while you want to take help form this concept.

when you type your birth date and give or submit your name, you will get print of free numerology name correction report which may be very general in nature and not unique one.

So try to meet an expert who is qualified by reading numerology name correction books and they are able to guide to in this process.

How to get advice for name correction

You can get also numerology name change advice free of cost with some of the numerologists. These people can really show you the path of numerology by clearing studying your numerology birth related charts or readings. Afterwards they can change name spelling according numerology.

This is the true and good process while you make sure whether you are doing correct or not. For example If I want to change my name according to numerology, I do need to go to any expert as I myself qualified and very well known numerologist.

Do not trust such information which can lead you in wrong methods. They offer you to change name spelling according to numerology online free. These are not good experts. Try some apps on google play about numerology.

When you want to become lucky, Numerology is the solution. It will remove all your bad effects. Now in this article, I will tell you some secrets of numerology. As an expert numerologist

I found that many people are in search of luck, money and happiness. But this is not easy to achieve in this competitive world of life.

This is only possible with one age old science. If you Change Name Spelling as per Numerology you will surely succeed.

Correcting your Numerology Name Correction

Then reason is that our ancestors gave so many mysterious powers to this world before they had left. Consequently we took those. But unfortunately so many mysterious powers are not in practice.

People either forgot or took it easy. One of those mysterious still remembered and followed by some people is Numerology. A science which will turn all bad effects into good effects.

It produces luck. The great thing about numerology is that if you go to any numerologist and Change Name Spelling as per Numerology, you will experience luck in no time. It is not possible with other lucky giving systems like astrology, tarot, palmistry. They do work in the long run.

But numerology is an instant remedy. If you change name spelling you will get luck almost in one day or two days. You will experience the power though.

Right method to Change Name Spelling as per Numerology

The best method I suggest is to approach numerologist who is well qualified. This is not an easy task to know. Now a day I see some numerologists are not well qualified.

See my article on Best Numerologist in India Here you will know who is the best qualified one. Qualification does not mean only certificate. But mostly you must investigate old clients of that numerologist. Ask them how they feel after approaching that numerologist.

And how the numerology tuned spelling worked for them. If you get good testimony, then you can approach. Well you can get their phone number by asking the numerologist himself. He will give you one.

So approach your numerologist. If you want me to correct your name, I guarantee lucky results in one week, you can Contact me

Wrong method: The wrong method is to calculate your name by reading some books. I saw some correct their names by checking on internet. They do not know how much serious blunder they make.

I tell this because 60% secrets are not there in many numerology books and internet. This knowledge is like magic. Usually no numerologist wants to share that knowledge and I am no exception.

Usually we do not share some secret information about numerology methods and Numerology Predictions our ancestors followed. So never attempt with basic numerology. This practice may put you in serious trouble.

Learn Basic Numerology

If you want to learn then start Study of Numerology where you will learn some basic numbers and their qualities. It may take up to 4 years to learn numerology perfectly.

Learning is an ongoing process through experiences. See how I explained in one of articles about Numerology of names and you will get some idea about it. First learn what is birth number and what is Life path number which are the pillars of numerology name correction.

So start slowly. But finally I suggest you to learn by experiences. Your experience is what all matters. One lucky name may not be fit for other. We know lucky names only through experiences and not by mere numerology methods.

For example if a person is born on one two or there dates. Then you must first understand what each date tells. Life for Numerology 1 tells that he is a leader. You have to learn in this way up to Numerology 9 this is the starting point of learning numerology.

Numerology name change consultation

Numerology is a real way to become lucky. If you want to be lucky instantly, then the best way is to follow numerology. This way one can become lucky by having lucky numbers. numerology name change consultation is now available with famous numerologist Shyam Reddy.

Correct your name as per your date of birth. Your birth number and destiny number is very important when you want to have numerology name change consultation.

Your lucky number comes from your birth number and destiny number or fate number or life path number.

When you want to change your name, you must consider your present life whether it is lucky or not and you need to approach numerologist who is professional and not just by chance.

It is very rare to find which numerologist is really professional. So make sure you that you have to be in a position to make things happen once you get into more things. numerology name change suggestions are very important because, I see many people correct name by themselves with out experienced numerologist.

Such persons will land in serious troubles after name correction. So make sure not to correct your name with out sufficient knowledge. There are many internal numbers when you want to correct your name those which you must know.

Best way to approach for numerology name correction

In this way you will know what is an advanced numerology. It may take two to three years to know all internal numerology numbers and advanced numerology. Basic numerology name correction may not  work for you. Because  you must correct your name without any flaws.

Otherwise you will suffer a lot in one or other way. I am a professional numerologist who can help you in imparting some knowledge. You can also call me for paid services to get numerology name correction as per birth.

I correct name online without coming to my office. So if you need lucky name you can email me and just wait for 3 hours to get reply from me. I will reply you in 3 hours after successful payment of service fee.

I will give you lucky name which will change your life. These services are internationally done for the past 25 years. name correction in numerology online.


Now I conclude this article by some points as below

  • Approach right numerologist and not famous numerologist.
  • Check for an university qualified professional numerologist.
  • Keep ready your date of birth aptly and genuine.
  • Make sure your time of birth is rightly said.
  • Get if possible your place of birth but not mandatory.
  • Meet numerologist who is near to you for better approach.
  • Do what your expert tells you to do after numerology name correction.
  • Be confident about what you do with the science.
  • Use your new name everywhere unofficially.
  • After six months, if you feel you are doing good then go officially.

Numerology marriage compatibility

As an additional information. Ancient people gave all this. Chaldean  and Egyptians were the absolute masters of the occult and hidden meaning of numbers.

They applied these numbers in relation to human life and lived successfully. Numerology marriage compatibility numbers are the result of labors of hundreds of years and it proved to be correct. Most note worthy thing is we must not forget the great contribution of Hindus to the system of numbers.

They finally handed down to us since remote ages. However, It is impossible to know all numerology mystery.

Exact Compatibility of Partner

First of all If your birth date is 1, 10, 19, 28  have to choose those people who have birth number as  2, 11, 20, 29, 13, 31,  4, 16, 25, 7, 9,18, 27  of  any month as their life partner or love match or friend or business partner. Further more if birthday is  2, 11, 20, 29  must make choice for those people who have birth number as  1, 10, 19, 28, 5,14, 23, 13, 31,  4, 12, 30, 21, 3  of  any month as their life partner or love match or friend or business partner. While If  3, 12, 21, 30 it is good to  choose those people who have birth number as   16, 25, 7, 5, 14, 23 of  any month as their life partner or love match or friend or business partner.If your birth number is 4, 13, 22  should choose those people who have birth number as 1, 10, 19, 28, 6,  15, 24 of  any month as their life partner or love match or friend or business partner

If you get 5, 14, 23 take people who have birth number as 2,11, 20, 29, 3, 12, 30  of  any month as their life partner or love match or friend or business partner.If you are venus 6, 15,24 must opt those persons who have birth number as 13, 31, 22,  4, 9, 18, 27 of  any month as their life partner or love match or friend or business partner.If you are on Neptune 7, 16,25 should select number as 3,12, 21, 30, 1,10,19,28 of  any month as their life partner or love match or friend or business partner.Saturn birth 8,17,26 must take luck number as 6, 15, 24, 9, 18, 27 of  any month as their life partner or love match or friend or business partner.Mars related 9, 18, 27 should choose those people who have birth number as 6, 15, 24, 8, 17, 26, 1, 10, 19, 28 of  any month as their life partner or love match or friend or business partner

Conclusion Words

In addition to the above numbers your luck with partner also depends on your life path number. You have to check your life path number also. The number must prove to be positive. Which means to both your birth number and life path number. These numbers are very influential in your life.

You will grow professionally. You will also have good life with your desired partner.

Naming your Baby

Naming your baby means you must make your baby Lucky. This is very important because you cannot make your baby lucky unless you follow numerology specially taking the advice of a numerologist. Naming your baby may not be always a easy thing because it depends upon so many factors.

The factors include his or her date of birth and also the place of birth where he or she is born. Depending upon the above-mentioned factors a baby name is done by a numerologist. Numerology has same rules while framing the name.

In order to make your baby name lucky enough, make sure you approach the right numerologist who is an expert in giving lucky name to your baby. here I warn all not to advise any numerologist while suggesting a new name because he may be getting confused whether to go with your name or to go according to numerology.

Process of naming your baby name

while giving a lucky baby name to your Kid, you will have to follow certain rules according to the numerology. They are, not to keep too long name or a name which is very difficult to pronounce or a name which is not from the country of origin.

Why I say this is very important that if you keep certain types of names you cannot really make it powerful because others may not call that name or others may not remember that name. So numerology power will not act through such baby name.

That is why it is not wise enough to give longer names and it is not wise to give strange names to your baby. so make sure your name is a smaller is enough and it must match according to the date of birth in numerology.

This is done by only a qualified numerologist who can really guide you through getting a lucky baby name which is very powerful and which gives all the prosperous life in the future.

Lucky Numbers in Baby Name

One can make your baby name lucky with numbers in numerology is what I am going to discuss right now here. First of all, the date of birth must be understood clearly if you want to name your baby. Because the date of birth must match with the numerologist name that you are going to keep to your baby.

For example if a baby is born on 1st of any month, then the total edition of your baby name must end up with a single digit 1.

What what I mean is that your name and the date of birth and the numbers into this are of same nature. now the numbers are so much matching in the date of birth and name that they will be store luck and happiness in the future with good job and career and marriage.

In this way you can meet all the Expectations of prosperous life to your kid.

I do not say that you must only follow numerology but we need to teach all the babies and the kids that they leave a disciplinary life and study well and live a good life this is what comes as a primary thing and the secondary thing is numerology numerology is justice science and it is up to you to believe or not.

41 number power in Business

14 is always a great number in numerology. It really understands the business very well and gives enough scope to get enough profits and it is Numerology Power in Business.

So it is a number of profit. If you use this number in your business then it will remove all the evil power in your company and gives huge amount of success.

So using this number in never a wrong thing in your life. It can instantly bring all what you require in a business. So numerology number 42 is always a special and peculiar number in every way to improve in your life.

41 in personal life

It can also bring success in your personal and marital life. But not up to mark as we have just talked about in business. So I suggest not to use it or personal name number as 41. It is always advisable to give through exam of your date of birth too.

Because Your date of birth is 5, then all the more it is lucky.So make sure your dob also matches 41. But I can say this is an universal number. You can get all the possible profits in business even if you are born as 5 category person. So it is highly recommended that you do not follow numerology when it comes to number 41.

Last but not least you can simply estimate how lucky is your company now and then when you change your number of business to 41.

41 planet power

So if you are confused which number is very lucky for business then blindly go for keeping name number to 41. This is the powerful combination of Planet Sun and Uranus.

This both planets are very powerful in nature and dominance. you can simply get success from the scratch, what I mean by scratch is from a very less time of installing your business.

So I suggest all to use 41 in to your business dealings.

Unique Names for baby boy

Lucky baby boy names given here are highly influential names. These names will help to name your baby as per numerology and astrology. So get help from these names to make your baby name lucky and prosperous. When you name your baby, you must remember that all lucky names are not really lucky for your baby. One lucky name can be bad for one baby and good for another baby. This difference comes with date of birth. So when naming your baby consider birth date as the main value. And also destiny number plays another important role.

Also we call it as fate number or western people call as life path number. Any how this number is derived by adding your total date of birth into a single digit. So when you want to keep lucky name for your baby, birth number and destiny number are both important and they are the deciding factors for lucky baby name. So name your baby not by sentiments and interests but according to the original science numerology.

I have name many babies in my career and all are living lucky life. As a numerologist I can say that lucky baby name will make your baby future prosperous. Here I am giving my suggestions and recommendation with baby boy name for A to Z.

Boy Names Starting With A
Answith, AppoorvaRaj, AksharaSimha, Abhijith, Amit, Anith, Alvin, Arpith, Akrun
Boys names starting with B
Bawin, Bharat, Bipin, Binay, Borjun, Bijay, Bogi Kumar,  Biswajith
Boys names starting with C
Chinni Krishna, Chanakya, Charan, Chiskar, Chirun, Chimpan, Champith, Chakur, Chaitan
Boy Names Starting With D
Dhrisht, Dirun, Deepun, Dirpan, Dhirna, Dhanunjay, Dhiraj, Dhipu, Dheekshak
Boy Names Starting With E
Eeshwar, Erjun, Eekran, Endra, Erun, Ekshak, Eroop, Eswan, Eejoo
Boy Names Starting With F
Farun, Fiswan, Farjan, Fathik, Fauksha, Faseep, Fandeep, Fijua, Firan
Boy Names Starting With G
Gavin, Gajesh, Giridhar, GangaRaj, Gepursh, Gwanish, Garur, Ganshah, Ganith
Boy Names Starting With H
Harpith, Hakush, Hajirwa, Haipu, Hanirudh, Hampish, Hakrur, Hanith, Hemanth
Boy Names Starting With I
Irshah, Ikran, Impyush, Ianish, Iranjeevan, Ikshan, Irfesh, Irudh, Irvan
Boy Names Starting With J
Jeevik, Jaswin, Janjeev, Jipu, Jeekshar, Jirun, Janith, Jakir, Jamba
Boy Names Starting With K
Krish, Krishna, Kiran, Kim, Kevin, Kenith, Krupa, Kranthi, Krinth


Boy Names Starting With L
Lathik, Likith, Lavan, Libin, Laloo, Lijith, Lasikwin, Lanji Raj, Lamya
Boy Names Starting With M
Mandeep, Mahindar, Marsh, Murshi, Makith, Mandhvin, Maarpu, Marwin, Mukin
Boy Names Starting With N
Nirvan, Nikesh, Nirjeev, Nirpu, Nikith, Naleen, Naloop, Narshwin, Neethru
Boy Names Starting With O
Oshwan, Orin, Okwi, Opin, Orshaw, Orchun, Orpith, Orinth, Ohu
Boy Names Starting With P
Pandya, Paspeeth, Pirun, Peekin, Prish, Poojan, Pinay, Peepu, Pridhvi
Boy Names Starting With Q
Qurin, Qrupa, Qurish, Qwin, Qyaswath, Quinthoo, Qali, Qwinu, Qwali
Boy Names Starting With R
Rishwith, Rakrun, Ranjan, Ripee, Rarsha, Rimbu, Rojith, Roarith, Rainik
Boy Names Starting With S
Sujan, Sreejith, Sunjan, Sreepith, Srinju, Swajan, Sandhu, Simpran, Swajeeth
Boy Names Starting With T
Theerun, Thishwa, Thikwan, Tharun, Tharpth, Tauba, Tabith, Tuchu, ThokaRaj
Boy Names Starting With U
Urwin, Ujwal, Ujay, Upendra, Urpik, Urpoan, Urinji, Uksha, Upun
Boy Names Starting With V
Varshith, Varshan, Vadeep, Vasi, Vimpoo, Vikran, Viswa, Vinu, Viloop
Boy Names Starting With W
Winvay, Wirun, Weepak, Wibu, Wisran, Waipran, Windun, William, Wilson
Boy Names Starting With X
Xepa, Xirsha, Xaku, Xapeen, Xakshith, Xwanish, Xwiru, Xan, Xaza
Boy Names Starting With Y
Yogesh, Yonish, Yoprith, Yukshi, Yarpith, Yibu, Yindran, Yandra, Yerendra
Boy Names Starting With Z
Zavin, Zarsha, Zapin, Zipra, Zikran, Zinshu, Zeeran, Zushu, Zind

Numerology Predictions

Next five years Numerology Predictions

This year is 2016 ending and here I would like to give numerology predictions for the next five .years for m 2017 to 2022. These predictions are based on just numerology calculations advanced and does not promote any ideas what so ever legally. These predictions are just personal and not to be taken into reality as long as I am predicting just by Numerology.

Here starting 2017 the number denotes 10 when added total into a single digit. And when added the only year like 17. It is taking 8. So here we are getting 10 and 8 i.e 1/8.  Both are enemy numbers. So 2017 is a year where we really get into trouble and I am  predicting about war among some countries which will show lot of impact on people of the whole world.

Numerology predictions 2018 denotes 11 and 18. It will take 2 and 9 which is an average year. This year is a year where we do not have much luck or much bad. Every thing happens in a way that is safe and this is the way how we can say that this year is an average year. This year does not bring any lucky or bad lucky state to any one. Every one lives happily.

Numerology predictions 2019 says that 12 and 1 as a numbers. This year brings lot of dangers regarding health. There will be a virus attack where one country gets completely attacked. No human being invents any medicine for such virus. So we need to say that 2019 is a death year 13 combination year.

Numerology says about 2020. This is a year almost a year of judgement. Earthquake shivers half of the earth. Fully out of order. And many countries will be affected with a heavy earth quake it shatters all and does not give any shelter to many. So we need to be careful with the earth quakes taking place in the world. Do this know that this year would be a judgement year.

Numerology 2021 is a year of advancement. This year will bring so much happiness to a many and 2022 is also a money year. check my other predictions numerology chart

These are the numerology predictions as per numerology. Have a nice

Today Lucky Number

today lucky number as per numerology

Dear Readers of Numerology. Today lucky number for you as per numerology. Today is the best day as per numerology. But not for all. Only few can enjoy the fruits of this day. So if you want to know today lucky number then you must understand your date of birth. Lucky numbers mostly depend on date of birth of a person. One may feel lucky today and some others may not feel lucky today. This is all because of the birth date which rules the day for you. If you are searching for today lucky number then you have landed on the right place. So today  I am going to explain you clearly about deciding your lucky number for today. As per numerology and astrology or horoscope or Chinese Astrology or Psychic, they are all same but difference is the way they calculate lucky number and the methodology that they follow while choosing the lucky number. Always remember that you must know your date of birth correctly and not just from your birth certificates. If any one reading this post  with out knowing your date of birth accurately then I suggest to stay far from reading this article. But If you are fully sure of your date of birth, I will tell you how to calculate each day your lucky number very easily. And now it is time to know your lucky number.

My Lucky Numbers

First you must know what is your birth number and destiny number before understanding today lucky number. How to find out ? It is so easy. Your birth number means your day of birth when reduced to a single digit. For example: If you are born on 23, then your birth number must be 2+3=5. So 5 is your birth number. If you are born directly on a single digit like 1 to 9 then you do not make this calculation.  Now what is your destiny number ? It is also very easy to calculate. Just take your date of birth,year and month and add totally. Like for example If you are born on 23-6-1994. Here you have to add 2+3+6+1+9+9+4=34. Again the total of your date of birth must be reduced to a single digit; 3+4=7. So finally 7 is the destiny number. So now you know your birth number and destiny number. Note that destiny number is also called Fate Number or Life Path Number. Know more from my other article about name numerology

Find today lucky number with birth number and life path number

Now it is time to know your today lucky number with the help of your birth number and life path number. For this it is very important whether today’s date is friendly with your birth and fate number or not. I will explain here how to know friendly numbers. See in a month we have 30 days and this means thirty numbers. But as per numerology only 9 numbers are there in a month. Because numerology or astrology or any type of science reduces from 10 to 30 days in to a single digit number. I have already explained to you how to reduce numbers into single digit. But I will tell here again. 10 means 1+0=1. So 1 is the single digit number of 10. Now. know this friendly numbers. Know more on how to find out your compatibility

Birth number or Life path 1 = 2,11, 20,29
Birth number or Life path 2 = 1, 10, 11,19
Birth number or Life path 3 = 7, 16, 25
Birth number or Life path 4 = 6, 15, 24
Birth number or Life path 5 = 3, 12, 21
Birth number or Life path 6 = 9, 18 27
Birth number or Life path 7 = 3, 12, 21, 30
Birth number or Life path 8 = 6, 15, 24
Birth number or Life path 9 = 6, 24, 15

See the above friendly numbers. If  so your birth number or destiny number matches for today lucky number. Then you can go for any inauguration or a celebration or for any function.

Thank you for so reading this article your numerologist Shyam Reddy. Know more on lucky number or life path number as per numerology