Numerology Name

Numerology name tells you whether your name has right lucky numbers or not according to numerology. As per numerology name the old mysterious science, says that your name must be positive and not negative. This means when your name has positive vibration then you will have lucky life. But if your name has negative vibration then you will have unlucky life. So unlucky name means that you have negative vibration or numbers in your personal name according to numerology.

In numerology name every alphabet or letters in your name has its own significance and importance. Our ancestors had assigned each letter a number. So in name numerology your name numbers play a great role in deciding your luck factor. Your name tells everything about you. It will promote you or demote you in depth. I am giving in this article the great importance of numerology name. This way you are mostly lucky if you follow numerology. So be ready to face this mystery of numerology in one or other way.


So if you choose to use numerology to live a lucky lucky life then this article would be more useful to know whether your name is lucky or not. Name numerology also says that you must not have negative numbers in your name. It simply means negative alphabet. You must make sure your name is correct as per numerology, Otherwise you will be in lot of trouble. Do not take risk by keeping name as per your wish. It is not how your name is but it is how much lucky your name know her how to predict your future is must be the concept. Now how to know whether your name is lucky or not? How to analyze your name power.

How to get rid of bad luck by altering your name ? These are some of the doubts you may be asking to yourself. Now I will tell you here how to check your name power or name numerology. Here the important thing is that you must check your name in 2 important methods given by our ancestors. The two methods are Chaldean method of name numerology and Pythagoras method of name numerology. This way we will know the lucky vibration of our name and how powerful our name is as per numerology.

Numerology of names free

Here I am give 2 methods of charts for calculating numerology of names free. Now you can calculate basic name numerology power of your name by adding number assigned to your name. Remember you must add the numbers of the alphabet in total. The sum of alphabet is important to know the name number of your name and its power. For Example : Anil = 1+5+1+3 = 10. The one given chart is Chaldean name chart which is most ancient numerology. This one is believed to be original and most accurate for personal name though not for business name as far as my experience is concerned. It is the most powerful name numerology method which can be used for knowing your name numerology lucky power and whether your name has lucky vibration or not. So now check your name number by observing the table .

Numerology Number

Now you must check Numerology Number concept by whether the name number which you have kept for your name is compatible or not. Like for example 10 is compatible to you or not. To know this you must start with the help of your date of birth. This is very important. If you are born on 5 then the name number must also be 5 then your name is lucky for you. Remember you must reduce numbers and add to single digit to know the compatibility. For example 14 = 1+4=5. So you must check your name in this way. I hope now you are able to check your name number easily.

Numerology name calculator

Now I am giving your free numerology name calculator. How to know which number is lucky and which number is bad. For this understanding you must make some research about numerology meanings by searching my other articles in detail. But as of now I will mention the lucky name numbers in numerology. The lucky numbers are 23, 19, 41, 37, 24, 15, 42, 51, 17, 11, 10, 44 etc. The unlucky numbers are 13, 26, 16, 18, 8 etc. And some numbers are average in luck. Free Numerology calcualtor

What is numerology number

Never take risk by finding what is numerology number rather doing numerology calculation on your own. What I have been mentioning is just the basic method of know your name power. But never correct your name on your own. Only numerology professional must do this. Otherwise you will have so many problems. Do not try on your own as there are many internal numbers in numerology and only numerologist will know this. applicable. Know here your lucky mobile number

Baby Names in Numerology Number

I am giving here a link for lucky baby names which will give lucky life to your baby. If you keep baby names in numerology number, then you will give a chance to make your baby lucky. But always approach numerologist because even lucky name may not be good to your baby birth date. So it all depends on birth date. So numerologist will know this. Do not risk yourself counting lucky names. It is not lucky name that makes your baby lucky but a name which vibrates positively with baby’s birth date.

Certainly Numerology is an age old science which can really boost your luck and prosperity unconditionally. It will help you get rid of bad luck and attain happy life. But you must live a good life. You cannot get luck with numerology by living a bad life. Numerology numbers are good friends for those who live a good life. Never try to harm people or take revenge. But love your enemies and love everyone around you and help the poor and spend time praying to Jesus the Lord. And if you follow this certainly numerology will benefit you in many ways because you are following a system of numbers in your name and this system is very important. Every where in this universe is systematic. So your name must be also systematic. Contact me for lucky numerology report and order you lucky numerology name. So using name numerology you can really get luck and power but remember you good deeds will remove your karma and this will give luck.

lotus tarot

lotus tarot

Do you like to know what is lotus  hightarot reading. I am here to give good input about what is the reading and how  can you know about your future present and past with the  reading. It is very clear to many that it helps to build our understanding with the cards. There are certain amount of cards in Tarot reading area.  You have pick up a care where you will be judged by the card you pick whether your life secure or not. Your life is what you give to the people around you and make yourself understand things in a more better way. So it is highly noticed that you need to put yourself at a position on how to make things at your way by picking up the lotus tarot card from the list given. Tarot reading is something that will bring some awareness to you. It will make your life from mystery to history. You will understand you karma and past life. You will make yourself understand certain things. This is how you have to understand things better way possible. When you approach any psychic, first he will dig your past life and give you an insight about your past life and how that past life affects you in one or other way. So knowing your past life is the main thing in your tarot reading. Also check what do you mean by Feng Shui

lotus tarot reading

The reading helps you to understand your past present future areas of life in a better way possible and it must be in one or other way a occult thing. So if you are ready to know these things, you must compulsorily make sure to approach psychic and then make things move forward in one or other way.  So it is the right time for you by reading this article you must be inspired to  approach things in better way possible.

free lotus tarot

You have many sites on internet and on google search about free lotus tarot. You can search online to know your free lotus tarot. So make sure you have to approach things in a better way by searching things online. There are many ways to have this. Follow the link give below to know free lotus tarot.


Lucky Mobile Number

lucky mobile number

Next, I want to speak about your lucky mobile number, as this topic was not discussed in olden days. So now as per the latest technology, your mobile number is always a dominating perspective and you need to take extra care to have lucky mobile number. This will ensure safe conversations and lucky results when you converse with you friends or officers. Having a fancy number is something different from having a mobile number that is lucky and fortunate. So I suggest as as numerologist to concentrate more on having lucky number rather that having a fancy number which may not be lucky at all. So In this article I will clearly mention out how to get lucky mobile number and what are the features and steps that we follow according to Numerology.

lucky mobile number as per Numerology

Numerology says that if you want lucky mobile number First you must analyze your date of birth and then you must take choice which number would benefit you mostly. So it is your birth number that decides your lucky number and not the fancy number. Remember you fancy number will spoil your total personal life in one way or the other. What happens if you have unlucky mobile number? You mobile number can become an enemy by becoming wrong way taken conversation.  Your conversation becomes wrong. People misunderstand you wrongly. When you talk over phone you will feel uncomfortable totally while talking over phone.  So if you want your mobile number give  you lucky talks and if you want to listen to good news and if you want to have conversation healthy and peaceful so consider having lucky mobile number.

How to choose lucky mobile number

There are 3 lucky numbers in numerology which will lock down all bad luck and give you great conversations and lucky conversation over mobile.

The lucky numbers are 5, 9, 7

The numbers 5, 9, 7  must be there. You will know this by adding all numbers upto single digit. For example: 9666674264 . When you reduce into single digit then the number is 56 which means 11 and it is 2 as a final single digit number.  This would be also extremely lucky but only for some people. So I suggest considering universally lucky numbers 5, 9, 7

Numerology 20

Numerology 20

In this way, we have to think of  numerology 20 in our personal life or business life. This is a number which must be carefully avoided. This is a number which counts things to dangerous sides. I can give various examples how 20 is affected in the world. So be careful about number 20. Numerology meanings of number 20 is very dangerous to ponder upon. Regularly check

Number 20 in Titanic

Number 20 is a number in Titanic ship. Now I don’t tell much about Titanic and how much does this number affects. In this way how Titanic became successful initially and later how does it  struck through and through. Titanic has gone fully out of order.  Number 20 is called a judgement number.This number gives totally a sudden judgement. So sudden mishap happens with number twenty. This is the number of down-struck.

This is a number of great achievement. This is a number of distraction. It will give everything and It will lose everything. This is a number of sole destruction. This is a careful number of which everyone must taken care of.  Number 20 is mostly bad for vehicles like bus train flight etc.

Numerology 20 Vehicles

Any vehicle containing this number has its effect totally on vehicle. It will meet with an accident surely and it is the highest of everything to happen in one or other way. In this way number will affect fully and it will give you a highest honor every way .Do not have fancy number on vehicles when added coming up to 20. This will suck you badly. You will b e met with accidents and mishaps with such numerology 20 as vehicle number. For more information always see updates on

Chaldean Numerology

Chaldean Numerology

There are 2 types of Numerology methods. which are internationally accepted. They are Chaldean and Pythagoras methods. Both these methods have been a success formula for many generations to achieve success.  This methods are very prominent to attain luck and happiness, prosperity and they help us to solve all kind of problems related to our day today life. Numerology is basically followed to make our life systematic in every way.

Chaldean based Numerology

Chaldean is a sect which was born some thousands of years back for which we are not responsible for the reasons that they found out Numerology as a basis of luck. Chaldean sect followed numerology to attain luck some thousand years back and this way it has its own way of establishing things. Chaldean Numerology is the ancient Numerology science which holds its roots strongly. This method is genuine is what many say even now.

Pythagorean Numerology

Pythagoras, a mathematician has discovered this science of numerology. Pythagoras later became a main method followed by many to get luck and happiness in life. So this method has been given to all generations as a matter of luck. Any method either Chaldean or Pythagoras Numerology has its own peculiar way of expressing numbers in a methodological way. Both systems are followed by many countries right now for luck.

Chaldean or Pythagoras

Which is better numerology calculation to get luck ? Many are now a days confused which method is best to follow in order to get luck through numerology. The best method to be followed is to have an eye on the numbers coming in each method. As a Numerologist I suggest to take both methods into consideration and  when you correct  name we must take both methods into our notice. This will help us mostly.

Advanced Numerology Idea

My idea on which numerology gives better results is that out of my long experience as a numerologist, I have come to conclusion that Pythagoras Numerology is best for Business purposes and Chaldean Numerology is best for personal names.  I have seen many businesses have become successful by following Pythagoras rather than Chaldean and where as personal lives have become successful by following  Chaldean rather that Pythagoras numerology. If we have the above idea we can be successful.

How to use Lucky Name after Correction

How to use Lucky Name after Correction

Many a time, It is a confusion about How to use Lucky Name after Correction. When you approach numerology to get lucky life, your numerologist may suggest lucky name correction so that you live a lucky life. But after the correction, many times we get confused how to use it in our day today life. I want to remind all my readers that the corrected name must be used unofficially for a period of six months. We must not use it in official records like passport, Aadhar card, Voter card, and similar government related documents and also the documents which may create problem. First you must start using unofficially. How to use Lucky Name after Correction

How to use your corrected name unofficially

You must make sure to use it on all rough books, changing the facebook id, twitter id, pinterest and especially email id. If any of the above is asking for sir name then you give same corrected name in both cases. Also you must make one name plate and place it on your table. If possible make one more name plate and put it on your gate. This will help you to get the lucky vibration of the name faster. After using six months unofficially and if you feel that there is a lot change then you can take further step boldly to go for a change officially with the help of Gazette notification.

Mind Set Up after the correction

After getting name correction, many are worried about the correctness of the name rather than the luck out of it. Never worry about the aptness of the name correction. Don’t ask your numerologist about numbers and whether they are compatible or not or else do not complain that you read somewhere something bad about the number which had been kept by your numerologist. This is something like when doctor prescribe some medicine, you worry about the medicine name and the tablet name rather than getting rid of your sickness. If you don’t get relieved from your fever then you can approach doctor. In the similar way , your mind set up when using your corrected name is just concentrating on the luck and not whether numerologist had given right name number or not. So you must concentrate on your life and observe about the change when compared to your previous life.

Importance of Numerology Based Ring

I invented this type of ring in the year 2009. This is very popular and all of my clients are using the ring and living a lucky life. So using your ring will bring you amazing benefits of luck. Only Shyam Reddy, the popular numerologist can guide you regarding this.

Importance of Calling name

Your calling name is very important. It is already told by great Cheiro thousands of years back. Your calling name must be corrected and not your full name. And if some people use DR. then you must consider that for lucky vibration. So you must concentrate on your calling name.


Shyam Reddy

Numerologist cum Pronologist


Numerology Calculator or Free Numerology Report gives you apt Numerology Calculator Predictions. Enter the details in the below chart and get free numerology reading The numbers given  here are analyzed carefully and are apt predictions for you to live a happy and lucky life forever. Kindly do not enter wrong birth details. Enter only if you know your date of birth correctly and get all the numerology lucky numbers for you through this calculator numerology.These numbers will help you to be successful in every way.

numerology calculator

Your lucky numbers will take you to other level where you will get all positive vibrations and you experience numerology bliss. So it is up to you to make use of your great lucky numbers in all the business matters and in your profession and in your search for life partner too.Remember it is important that your Date of birth should match with your present name number. If your date of birth is matching with your name number then you are on a lucky side with out any bad luck in the future. So enjoy this calculator numerology. Numerology calculator gives the important numbers in one’s life. We have many lucky numbers that form a system of numerology. The most important is the Destiny number calculator.Destiny number is also important when you analyze your numerology reading. This number can be taken from totaling all birth date, birth month and birth year. The life path number is the sure instant at which person enters this world; the values which we get from adding our birth is said to be the destiny number.

We have primarily 2 methods of calculations in numerology. And among them the popular and oldest method is Chaldean numerology calculator or Indian numerology calculator. Many tell that the importance of having the perfect name based on numerology will give us amazing luck. Numerology Calculator is also used to determine the best and good time to start a new venture or plan or inauguration and some others use numerology to know how lucky or unlucky an action is, or to know about venture or event is likely to be in the future.

House number meanings

house number meanings

Our House is the temple of giving happiness to the people live in that home. what is house number meanings. So it is very important to have lucky house number whatsoever. To get lucky house number depends on many factors. Because when we give lucky number to the house we must make sure that the house numerology suits to all the generation who live in that house in the future. This is simply known as house number meanings

Today I will explain to you how to have a good and lucky house number. For example if your house number is 25/3. Then the total number is 10 which is very lucky number in numerology but not lucky for house. The reason is 10 is represented as sun which is very lucky and at the same time it is the enemy planet for Venus that is 6. So if someone born on 6 lives in the house then the problem would arise there and the 6 person may not live happily. So in order to avoid such type of bad luck .what to be done is a big question. In house numerology, we first clear certain things about universal lucky number which are suitable for all people and those numbers by which everyone can be lucky through out generations. So you must know what are those lucky numbers in numerology which can be as house number.

One of the powerful numbers that stands in house numerology is 5. This number 5 is amazingly lucky to any house number or apartment number. 5 is known as an universal and lucky number for anyone and for all. This will give lucky to all the people live in the house. So now you understand the power of 5 to be as house number. So now I rectify the number in the first paragraph 25/3 house number to 25/7 and this will bring 14 and to the single digit 5. So the number will be very lucky.

There are still other numbers which are universally lucky. They are like 7, 9. These both numbers and especially 7 is amazingly lucky if you have as your house number. 7 is regarded as one the best all round numbers in numerology. So it is also very lucky if you keep to your home as a house number. Numerology is a wonderful science which will work very nice if at all you use in a better way. Numerology never denies luck for whatsoever reason unless you are careless in choosing number. if you choose good number, you will be lucky or else you will be unlucky. It all depends on how you choose the right number at the right point. If you have any confusion you can approach Expert Numerologists like Shyam Reddy and don’t try for yourself with half knowledge which will give you other numbers. So  understanding certain principles in numerology will certainly give your house a better place to live and work with. Your house numerology is nothing but the game of numbers to get lucky or unlucky life.

When giving house number also you  must make sure that enemy number not fall side by side. This is something advanced numerology. Which means even if the total number is coming to 5 but if the internal numbers side by side are not of positive vibration, even then there would be some problem. So make sure that your house numerology is best fit in all aspects of Numerology. Then you will enjoy the system of numerology and you will fell a sense of positive vibration among numbers and planets which will show it effect. This is what all about house numerology which were give by Chaldean sects and Pythagoras people to many people

Vehicle number numerology

vehicle number numerology

First of all , how to choose a lucky number for your vehicle. I give you vehicle number numerology. I remind all amateur numerologists not to reduce vehicle number into single digit number and come to conclusion that it is lucky. I agree for this , but it is secondary. Then what is the first very very important thing that you need to consider to get lucky number for your bike or car.Recently I saw a car met with an accident . The vehicle number numerology is 4883. The total of this number is 23 or 5  which is very lucky in numerology. But why this vehicle met with an accident. What is the reason.

I challenge any one gives me correct reason why the vehicle with number 4883 taking lucky number 5 met with an accident. Now I will explain to you the biggest secret in vehicle number numerology, when knowing your lucky bike number. Remember, You have to primarily check the friendly numbers before you add the numbers. For example in the above bike number 4883.  The number 4 and the number 8 are enemy numbers. They cannot be side by side. They are like fire and water. You should never try 4 wit 8. This is a possible danger. That was the reason why the accident took place.

Secondly, Remember, You have to choose bike in terms of compound number and if it is lucky then reduce to single digit number. For example if bike number is 2374. The total is 16. This is called compound number which is unlucky. If you reduce 16 to 7 single digit and think 7 is lucky number then you are making mistake. So compound number should be lucky first, then only reducing to single digit number.

Thirdly, Remember, You have to  understand that 9 is the best lucky number for any person. I say this because If 6 born person’s lucky number in free astrology reading is 6 and if he chooses the same number for bike, then the bike is lucky only for you. For example, if you give lift to 1 born person then the bike would meet with an accident. The reason is that the bike number 6 is the enemy for the 1 person. Fourthly, Remember, 9 is the universal number which is almost friendly with any number, You can also consider 5 as your lucky number for bike or car.

1 born should choose 9 as your lucky bike number

2 born should choose 5 or 9 as your lucky bike / car number

3 born should choose 5 or 9 as your lucky bike/ car number

4 born should choose 5 or 9  as your lucky bike/ car number

5 born should choose 5 as your lucky bike / car number

6 born should choose 5 or 9 as you lucky  bike/ car number

7 born should choose 5 or 9 as your lucky bike/ car number

8 born should choose 5 or 9 as your lucky bike/ car number

9 born should choose 9 as your lucky bike/car number


Choosing bike number also depends on lucky compound number. The dangerous compound numbers are 13, 16, 18, 20, 26, 31, 48. These compound numbers are deadly. Remember never and ever, you should get these compound numbers as your bike number Not only as a compound numbers but  every they should not be in a total bike number like 1651. 1 and 6 are adjacent to each other. This is a problem. Also it should not be like 6512. 1 and 6 are internally coming, So be careful when choosing your lucky number for your bike or car. Conclusion: When you buy a bike or car, dont hesitate to spend money on lucky number. Don’t go for fancy numbers. Most of the fancy numbers are deadly. For example 999. This means 18. This is a dangerous compound number.

Free bike analysis

If you want to know whether your bike number is lucky or not, then just comment in the below section. I will surely reply to your comment. I will try to tell if there is any danger with your bike or car number. Details to be sent or commented:

Your full bike number, Your date of birth, Your  bike  color, Good Luck.