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Lucky Numerology 9

This is an awesome time eventually to share with about numerology 9. What is this number and how do you interpret if some one took birth in 9 category like 9,27,18. These people basically are very fantasy type. They imagine and think of things that those never happen. They  also postpone many things in their life. They are quarrelsome at home and lack of patience with their relatives. These people are strikingly gorgeous looking but they waste most of the time in dreaming. This way they waste loot of time not doing any thing so seriously. And one more interpretation is just they are very adventurous.

Dream Jobs

The jobs most suitable for them are police type. They can easily become police inspector in any field. They can also choose to be Central Bureau of investigation. If not they can also opt for army field. Whatever may be finally they are into again into adventurous areas. Other option is Financial accounts jobs. They are fit as cashier.So in this way 9 born candidates can opt with types of options as depicted by numerology. They must also continue studies. There are signs that they will stop in the middle of the studies.

Money and Finance Luck

Mars is very smart in giving money to 9 born people. So these persons must work hard to get everything. So Money comes and enters through only hard work. Sometimes hard work may not succeed. So make a point to work smartly to earn money. Do not try to change jobs often but stick with same job and money falls on you automatically.

Lucky Coloring and Lucky Number

Your lucky color is Sky Blue.Your lucky number is 1. So these numbers will give you all the luck embedded with joy. Furthermore and yet another point to add is they will have good muscle power. So working hard finally will give all the reward.