Numerology 8

Warning Number Numerology 8

Today I want to discuss with you very seriously about Numerology 8 as a number of warning in every way. These people with 8 as number in their birth must live life carefully. Though basically these people are hard workers by nature. While I write this article I want to share some important things about number 8 dominated by planet Saturn. Opposite to what others think about 8 is very bad luck birth number.  So do not aim much when you have 8 as birth day. Rather try to live peacefully.

Job Prospect Luck

You can do many jobs easily. You are good at maintaining records. So working in a library or in a historical place will give you job happiness. You can be also a registrar. Do not travel too much. There are chances that your traveling goes bad. So for you local jobs are better and never think of international job at all. Because somebody must take care about you. If you do not understand about this. then there is a problem.

Money matters

Money does not flow very easily.Though you will get money, somehow you will spend such money and at the end always suffering and anxiety and stress. You must take care of your money, and do not lend to anyone and at the same situation do not take money from any one.You cannot pay them back. This is what  I can say as an experienced numerologist.

Lucky Numbers Numerology 8

For 8,26,17 lucky number could be 6 and 9 with equal importance.These numbers will give all luck in terms of money partner, husband wife friend and for many other days. The said numbers will save you. So try to use those numbers and get lucky in shorter time which will not happen usually. So in conclusion I speak out warnings to this birth number in contrast or comparison to any other birth day. So in addition to this, I want to add one strong point that your most unlucky number is 4. This number hurts you like anything than that what you imagine to be.