Numerology 7

Spiritual Way Numerology 7

This is a great unknown and mysterious numerology 7. If you take birth here, then you are so lucky because you think of mystery a lot. You are very far from this earthly world. As a result you are a person of deep thinking like a philosopher. You can also become famous personality in poetry or scientist. First of all they are not for marriage. Most note worthy thing is most of the remain as bachelors. I must say this is the truth. Coming to negative points they have short temper. They get angry too fast. They will also cultivate bad habits like running behind girls and girls going after money. They steal small things here and there. So I can say many thing about this number but this is not the time to fill your mind with too much stuff.

Do you fit for some job

No absolutely, Most of all you will not do any job. You want to site at home and enjoy life. You want to investigate about life. You are a lonely person who does not not want to mingle with others. So if you are planning to do a job, you will not stay there for a long time. But there is something to do. I say the best job for numerology 7 is just personal home jobs. Sitting at home and downloading something or doing some home based internet works. Even you want to go for a big job outside. Finally you will quit in a very short time.

Marriage Disaster

You will marry and get divorced in most cases.  I do not know what exactly is there in this number but unfortunately marriage is not at all a line for you. But if at all you want to marry, then go for a person born on 3,21 in any month. So what every may be finally  marriage brings you sadness and unhappiness in your life. So better be a bachelor rather marrying. You cannot remove all this bad luck state. It is in your birth itself

Lucky and not Lucky

Your lucky color is blue. Your lucky partner of friend is category 3. Follow this number in all your good days or use it specially for a purpose. Do not touch number 4. It is an fighting planet with numerology 7.