Numerology 6

What is Numerology 6

Always 6 means Venus. Numerology 6 persons are very beautiful and also men look highly handsome. They are usually very romantic and gives importance to physical pleasures. Women like to decorate well. These are the main features of numerology 6 people. Now I want to tell one more juicy thing about these people. They cannot stay with out loving even a day or minute. So love is the everything for them.

Which Jobs are good?

You can have a job that cat fetch you joy and happiness. You cannot do hard work. So all kinds of sitting jobs are fine if you want to grow well. Any types of massageĀ  jobs or clothes and fashion jobs are mostly suitable for you. I tell these things uniquely because Venus is finally a romantic planer. One more important thing is Venus means Money. Do you know how much money can you earn if your birth belongs to this planet. So much money but go towards fashion side jobs.

Marriage for Venus Persons

They will have love marriage. It is very rare they go for arranged marriage. Because they give preference to beauty and love they want love experience. So while studying they will fall into love and consequently they will give fuzzy signals to marry. Now who are the best persons for Venus persons. The best persons to love or to make friendship are 9 persons. 9 means Mars. Venus and Mars are very friendly planets to love or marry. So do try for this type of match. Then you will live a happy life. But do not marry 1 person.

Luck and unlucky

The unlucky number is 1 for Venus. This means Sun. Both fight always in the universe. So now if you want to go for big mission like traveling, then prefer 9 as a date. This is the only successful number for you in all the cases. Why not you give a try to thin amazing number if you belong to 6 category of 6,15,24. And further more lucky color, I will say is Red and Black.