Numerology 5

Prediction of Numerology 5

Very important Numerology 5 means Mercury Rule. You are ruled by this planet. First of all if you take birth under 5 then you are really lucky man or woman. In many books, expert told the same thing. They told that the number 5 was very good and gives lucky life wholly. This number showers all kinds of fruits and blessings. They are very hasty in nature. They want us to do things fast ans quick. So it is very clear. They have no patience. This is one negative thing about them They are really not up to the behavior level.

Job Luck

For this number 5 study is very far. Business will become the primary concern. for them. They will excel in business.  They will become successful also. Any business that they start will be giving them lot of luck and joy. I personally suggest them to do business rather than private job or else other job. They can hold any type o business. If there is money line in their hand, again it is double lucky. So for number 5 it is not job. But it is business. That is it the truth of the birth date.

Marriage and Love

You are not so fit for love. You will quarrel with your partner for each and everything. But you will never get separated or exasperated from your life partner. So when you think of marriage it is just a formality. So just marry and live happy is what the motive. Nothing you will get out of it. What it means if you really want to live a good marriage life when your whole attention is on business. Here for marriage you must get 3 born girl or boy or 2 person. They will give you great nourishment in your marriage life.

Lucky Colors for Numerology 5

As I say Violet plays lucky role. So go with this color for all purposes of decorating things in life. Never think of other colors like black. Black will not give you so much luck. Coming to lucky and unlucky numbers, there are no certain numbers called unlucky for these people. All numbers are unlucky as long as you use them. So this is one great benefit of those 5 related persons. Overall a great and prosperous saving life you can undergo.