Numerology 4

Outputs on Numerology 4

To understand Numerology 4 means Uranus ruling. What is this? Uranus means delay. So those who are in this date 4 or 13 or 22 or 31 must consider as special in numerology. What I mean by special? It means they are unlucky to get luck. That is why in numerology, the number 4 we explain as a special case. we represent it with unlucky nature. I am not telling this to disappoint you but this is true. So get some thoughts about your future rather than to calm.

Numerology 4 Jobs

For you the best job is court related or writing related. You are very good in writing.  Good to write and help society. So go for court related jobs. Though you are not so successful, you can still become active and hopeful if you take this as they are. Acceptance of life as it comes to you. I strongly warn not to do any business. You will face loss if you risk business in any way. So never try out business risk. Your money must be saved in banks and use them.

Numerology 4 Marriage Views

You have seek for a partner those who are born under such birthdays like 6, 15. These  number persons will be very much matching to live a happy life. Your happiness depends on them. Whether you are a boy or girl you must trust in 6 number. This is only the number that will remove most of your general bad luck. Another number to rely upon is 1 which in turn becomes right friend for you.

Uranus Numbers

Your great enemy number is 8. This number is called Saturn. This number really sucks you and will bring you all kind of bad luck. So never invite this unlucky number into your life either in the form of partnerships or friendships or love relationships. Your lucky color is White. Rely on this color and this will give you good luck. Your blanket your walls must be with white most of the time. Also remember not to do any thing important when unlucky number falls. Especially 8 as a number is very  bad for you in many ways.