Numerology 3

Straight predicts Numerology 3

To know Numerology 3 meansĀ  great planet Jupiter rules you. These people are highly silent and yet powerful in their behaviour. They do not respect elderly ones. This is the drawback that these people have. So they are usually proud in nature and feeling. As Jupiter rules things you have to be careful not to show the dominion and authority of the planet. So take this into your heart and live life in luck.

Settlement Advice

You will settle well and finally get job in government. You will have security in the form of government job. It is very easy to get job in civil department or IAS or IPS. So try hard to reach the suggested job Do not go for private jobs. Try hard for government job. Surely Jupiter will help you reach the targeted goal. Some other business ideas could be like keeping some educational institutes etc.

Will you have money

Yes I say strongly because you will have lots of possessions and money just by nature. So you must not worry at all about that. Also check your palm lines for fate line which will tell you the money points. As far as I am here to advice you not to worry about money. You will have hands full of money always. So be relaxer and live a great life.

Partner selection

When you select your partner, you have to consider selecting 7 born girl or boy. These Neptune people are always right choice to be like friends partner in you finance or such related things. You have to stick to the partner’s date of birth. If your partner birth is not born on 7 then he or she is not compatible at all. So seek for such person until you get.

Color advice

The best color is Red. For you this color fits as lucky one. If you wear this color on your sheet or paper or in front of your house. You will be more lucky enough with such colors.