Numerology 2

 General Secrets of Numerology 2

To say Numerology 2  persons are very sensitive. Any month born on 2,11,20,29 are called Moon dominated persons. Moon means Sensitive. So they are easily give themselves to sadness. To make them happy the around situation must be happy. These persons are highly artistic and talented men and women. So to say smoothly If you are born under the planet moon, you are a person whose heart is so smooth and one more important thing is that these persons are very doubtful in nature. They do not trust people for simple reasons.

Career Related Sayings

Think about your job chance is just normal. You are not a person to get a good name in the society but rather a person who always depends on someone and lives a very simple kind and normal life style. But this does not mean that you will live with out good dress like that. It means you are highly dependent. You can only work under some one. You are not a good administrator. You must think of becoming Clerk in a bank rather than a bank manager. So try for a job of such nature. Then you are more successful. You can also do business related to beauty.

Financial Success

Your financial things  and money comes from various sources. You can become good with money and earn nicely with beauty parlor. You will become good and earn well with beauty related business. You can try for jobs like bank clerks and typists. Do not become managers. You cannot do efficiently. So your jobs are belonging to beauty areas. I can also suggest  to go for setting up fancy stores.

Marital Advice

You must seek for a partner who takes 1 as birth date. 1 born looks after you nicely. So when you want to marry or get some friends or set up one business partner, the best person to choose is to have 1 born beside you. There are chances for quarrels in you marriage area due to your sensitiveness and doubtful nature and money minded thoughts. So if you are more careful in these aspects, you can see good marriage life.

Lucky color

Your luck is in blue. Consider blue as your main color on your bed sheets and all other things.  This color will amaze you and will give you great satisfied luck