Lucky Mobile Number

lucky mobile number

Next, I want to speak about your lucky mobile number, as this topic was not discussed in olden days. So now as per the latest technology, your mobile number is always a dominating perspective and you need to take extra care to have lucky mobile number. This will ensure safe conversations and lucky results when you converse with you friends or officers. Having a fancy number is something different from having a mobile number that is lucky and fortunate. So I suggest as as numerologist to concentrate more on having lucky number rather that having a fancy number which may not be lucky at all. So In this article I will clearly mention out how to get lucky mobile number and what are the features and steps that we follow according to Numerology.

lucky mobile number as per Numerology

Numerology says that if you want lucky mobile number First you must analyze your date of birth and then you must take choice which number would benefit you mostly. So it is your birth number that decides your lucky number and not the fancy number. Remember you fancy number will spoil your total personal life in one way or the other. What happens if you have unlucky mobile number? You mobile number can become an enemy by becoming wrong way taken conversation.  Your conversation becomes wrong. People misunderstand you wrongly. When you talk over phone you will feel uncomfortable totally while talking over phone.  So if you want your mobile number give  you lucky talks and if you want to listen to good news and if you want to have conversation healthy and peaceful so consider having lucky mobile number.

How to choose lucky mobile number

There are 3 lucky numbers in numerology which will lock down all bad luck and give you great conversations and lucky conversation over mobile.

The lucky numbers are 5, 9, 7

The numbers 5, 9, 7  must be there. You will know this by adding all numbers upto single digit. For example: 9666674264 . When you reduce into single digit then the number is 56 which means 11 and it is 2 as a final single digit number.  This would be also extremely lucky but only for some people. So I suggest considering universally lucky numbers 5, 9, 7