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today lucky number as per numerology

Dear Readers of Numerology. Today lucky number for you as per numerology. Today is the best day as per numerology. But not for all. Only few can enjoy the fruits of this day. So if you want to know today lucky number then you must understand your date of birth. Lucky numbers mostly depend on date of birth of a person. One may feel lucky today and some others may not feel lucky today. This is all because of the birth date which rules the day for you. If you are searching for today lucky number then you have landed on the right place. So today  I am going to explain you clearly about deciding your lucky number for today. As per numerology and astrology or horoscope or Chinese Astrology or Psychic, they are all same but difference is the way they calculate lucky number and the methodology that they follow while choosing the lucky number. Always remember that you must know your date of birth correctly and not just from your birth certificates. If any one reading this post  with out knowing your date of birth accurately then I suggest to stay far from reading this article. But If you are fully sure of your date of birth, I will tell you how to calculate each day your lucky number very easily. And now it is time to know your lucky number.

My Lucky Numbers

First you must know what is your birth number and destiny number before understanding today lucky number. How to find out ? It is so easy. Your birth number means your day of birth when reduced to a single digit. For example: If you are born on 23, then your birth number must be 2+3=5. So 5 is your birth number. If you are born directly on a single digit like 1 to 9 then you do not make this calculation.  Now what is your destiny number ? It is also very easy to calculate. Just take your date of birth,year and month and add totally. Like for example If you are born on 23-6-1994. Here you have to add 2+3+6+1+9+9+4=34. Again the total of your date of birth must be reduced to a single digit; 3+4=7. So finally 7 is the destiny number. So now you know your birth number and destiny number. Note that destiny number is also called Fate Number or Life Path Number. Know more from my other article about name numerology

Find today lucky number with birth number and life path number

Now it is time to know your today lucky number with the help of your birth number and life path number. For this it is very important whether today’s date is friendly with your birth and fate number or not. I will explain here how to know friendly numbers. See in a month we have 30 days and this means thirty numbers. But as per numerology only 9 numbers are there in a month. Because numerology or astrology or any type of science reduces from 10 to 30 days in to a single digit number. I have already explained to you how to reduce numbers into single digit. But I will tell here again. 10 means 1+0=1. So 1 is the single digit number of 10. Now. know this friendly numbers. Know more on how to find out your compatibility

Birth number or Life path 1 = 2,11, 20,29
Birth number or Life path 2 = 1, 10, 11,19
Birth number or Life path 3 = 7, 16, 25
Birth number or Life path 4 = 6, 15, 24
Birth number or Life path 5 = 3, 12, 21
Birth number or Life path 6 = 9, 18 27
Birth number or Life path 7 = 3, 12, 21, 30
Birth number or Life path 8 = 6, 15, 24
Birth number or Life path 9 = 6, 24, 15

See the above friendly numbers. If  so your birth number or destiny number matches for today lucky number. Then you can go for any inauguration or a celebration or for any function.

Thank you for so reading this article your numerologist Shyam Reddy. Know more on lucky number or life path number as per numerology