How to use Lucky Name after Correction

How to use Lucky Name after Correction

Many a time, It is a confusion about How to use Lucky Name after Correction. When you approach numerology to get lucky life, your numerologist may suggest lucky name correction so that you live a lucky life. But after the correction, many times we get confused how to use it in our day today life. I want to remind all my readers that the corrected name must be used unofficially for a period of six months. We must not use it in official records like passport, Aadhar card, Voter card, and similar government related documents and also the documents which may create problem. First you must start using unofficially. How to use Lucky Name after Correction

How to use your corrected name unofficially

You must make sure to use it on all rough books, changing the facebook id, twitter id, pinterest and especially email id. If any of the above is asking for sir name then you give same corrected name in both cases. Also you must make one name plate and place it on your table. If possible make one more name plate and put it on your gate. This will help you to get the lucky vibration of the name faster. After using six months unofficially and if you feel that there is a lot change then you can take further step boldly to go for a change officially with the help of Gazette notification.

Mind Set Up after the correction

After getting name correction, many are worried about the correctness of the name rather than the luck out of it. Never worry about the aptness of the name correction. Don’t ask your numerologist about numbers and whether they are compatible or not or else do not complain that you read somewhere something bad about the number which had been kept by your numerologist. This is something like when doctor prescribe some medicine, you worry about the medicine name and the tablet name rather than getting rid of your sickness. If you don’t get relieved from your fever then you can approach doctor. In the similar way , your mind set up when using your corrected name is just concentrating on the luck and not whether numerologist had given right name number or not. So you must concentrate on your life and observe about the change when compared to your previous life.

Importance of Numerology Based Ring

I invented this type of ring in the year 2009. This is very popular and all of my clients are using the ring and living a lucky life. So using your ring will bring you amazing benefits of luck. Only Shyam Reddy, the popular numerologist can guide you regarding this.

Importance of Calling name

Your calling name is very important. It is already told by great Cheiro thousands of years back. Your calling name must be corrected and not your full name. And if some people use DR. then you must consider that for lucky vibration. So you must concentrate on your calling name.


Shyam Reddy

Numerologist cum Pronologist