Numerology is only a matter of faith and trust of  ancient sources where we can get luck out of it. We are not responsible for any ill fate or numerologyblis is not responsible for any bad luck after following numerology from us. We try our best to give you best calculations and best lucky name. But your future is not in our hands. God has to decide and take choice of things that take place.

We disclaim everything whatever has been mentioned on this website.  We are not responsible for any laws that anyone confers on numerologyblis as this website is only a source and it is only a trial. There is no guarantee that you will have luck after following numerology and we cannot refund any of the money that you spend for numerology services online. It is  your freedom whether to trust numerology or not and we are not liable for any prosecutions.

So Before approaching numerology, you need to take choice as an individual and not just depend on us for everything. We will just give you lucky name correction.  This correction depends on your usage and on how numerology works for you.


Shyam Rreddy

Numerologist cum pronologist