Chaldean Numerology

Chaldean Numerology

There are 2 types of Numerology methods. which are internationally accepted. They are Chaldean and Pythagoras methods. Both these methods have been a success formula for many generations to achieve success.  This methods are very prominent to attain luck and happiness, prosperity and they help us to solve all kind of problems related to our day today life. Numerology is basically followed to make our life systematic in every way.

Chaldean based Numerology

Chaldean is a sect which was born some thousands of years back for which we are not responsible for the reasons that they found out Numerology as a basis of luck. Chaldean sect followed numerology to attain luck some thousand years back and this way it has its own way of establishing things. Chaldean Numerology is the ancient Numerology science which holds its roots strongly. This method is genuine is what many say even now.

Pythagorean Numerology

Pythagoras, a mathematician has discovered this science of numerology. Pythagoras later became a main method followed by many to get luck and happiness in life. So this method has been given to all generations as a matter of luck. Any method either Chaldean or Pythagoras Numerology has its own peculiar way of expressing numbers in a methodological way. Both systems are followed by many countries right now for luck.

Chaldean or Pythagoras

Which is better numerology calculation to get luck ? Many are now a days confused which method is best to follow in order to get luck through numerology. The best method to be followed is to have an eye on the numbers coming in each method. As a Numerologist I suggest to take both methods into consideration and  when you correct  name we must take both methods into our notice. This will help us mostly.

Advanced Numerology Idea

My idea on which numerology gives better results is that out of my long experience as a numerologist, I have come to conclusion that Pythagoras Numerology is best for Business purposes and Chaldean Numerology is best for personal names.  I have seen many businesses have become successful by following Pythagoras rather than Chaldean and where as personal lives have become successful by following  Chaldean rather that Pythagoras numerology. If we have the above idea we can be successful.