2018 predictions of Numerology

Today we will know how 2018 will affect the world around. After checking the numbers in 2018 we are getting 11 when we add the total year. 11 again takes 2 when we add it to a single digit number. So it is quite a good year for all. 2 gives all the blessing and improvements in every way possible. So here we need to discuss how it will affect united states of america. USA will be well established under the leadership of trump.So there is no need to think about the downfall of Trump. And India will have good relations with USA and it will grow in every aspect of life.

January 2018: This is a month which will be a cut off. Here the power of earth will be shown. Some advancements in technology and high progress in all fields will be seen in general. Over all January is a good month for all the people who live on this earth. India will also grow day by day through out the month of January.

February 2018: This month is unlucky and may be not a month of progress. Because the power of the planet Uranus will be on earth. This effect will lead to some danger though not to the full. I suggest all business people to stay away from this month and avoid all types of inverstment. Otherwise there are chance that you may incur loss.

March 2018: This month is a month for all business people. Very lucky for sensex and funds. You can invest in any thing to gain success. This is the year of success in regards to financial managment. So this way one can take enough number of risks. This may not lead to any disturbance.

April 2018: This month is very much fit for marriages  and partner and love success. Anybody who wants to propose can do so. This is how once can really get success in realtionships and love family and marriage.

May 2018: This is the month for those who want to go abroad for studies or work. This month will allow you to get visa easily for any country . If you go abroad this month, you are very successful. So use up this month for education and studies. You can be very succesful in all your endeavours in studies not only abroad but also in your country. But what I mean is to give preference for education through out this month.

June 2018: This month is the dangerous month than any other months in the year 2018. Shut all your trails and efforts and let this month pass in your life. Do not do any thing in this month. Be careful or else you will be victim for anything. So be far from this month and take caution in every major action you perform.

July 2018: This month is the very lucky one for military and police or for doing any adventurous journey. If you want to get into guiniss records or limca book of record,  this month will co operate you very nicely and give you all success for your work. So all police jobs CBI jobs and Adventure job are very lucky during this months.

August 2018: Very good for political leaders. If you want to implement any government schemes or want to do any thing politically, Choose this month for great success. Do not give into a second thought. This is the month for all the leaders in the world.

September 2018:  Very good month overall. All round development can be seen everywhere. So go ahead even with out worrying about this month.

October 2018: There are chances for all spiritual guru’s and monks and swamiji’s . You will be getting all what you want this month.

November 2018: This month is very unlucky. Stay away in every aspect.

December 2018: This month is highly good again if you want to start any business.



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