Vehicle number numerology

vehicle number numerology

First of all , how to choose a lucky number for your vehicle. I give you vehicle number numerology. I remind all amateur numerologists not to reduce vehicle number into single digit number and come to conclusion that it is lucky. I agree for this , but it is secondary. Then what is the first very very important thing that you need to consider to get lucky number for your bike or car.Recently I saw a car met with an accident . The vehicle number numerology is 4883. The total of this number is 23 or 5  which is very lucky in numerology. But why this vehicle met with an accident. What is the reason.

I challenge any one gives me correct reason why the vehicle with number 4883 taking lucky number 5 met with an accident. Now I will explain to you the biggest secret in vehicle number numerology, when knowing your lucky bike number. Remember, You have to primarily check the friendly numbers before you add the numbers. For example in the above bike number 4883.  The number 4 and the number 8 are enemy numbers. They cannot be side by side. They are like fire and water. You should never try 4 wit 8. This is a possible danger. That was the reason why the accident took place.

Secondly, Remember, You have to choose bike in terms of compound number and if it is lucky then reduce to single digit number. For example if bike number is 2374. The total is 16. This is called compound number which is unlucky. If you reduce 16 to 7 single digit and think 7 is lucky number then you are making mistake. So compound number should be lucky first, then only reducing to single digit number.

Thirdly, Remember, You have to  understand that 9 is the best lucky number for any person. I say this because If 6 born person’s lucky number in free astrology reading is 6 and if he chooses the same number for bike, then the bike is lucky only for you. For example, if you give lift to 1 born person then the bike would meet with an accident. The reason is that the bike number 6 is the enemy for the 1 person. Fourthly, Remember, 9 is the universal number which is almost friendly with any number, You can also consider 5 as your lucky number for bike or car.

1 born should choose 9 as your lucky bike number

2 born should choose 5 or 9 as your lucky bike / car number

3 born should choose 5 or 9 as your lucky bike/ car number

4 born should choose 5 or 9  as your lucky bike/ car number

5 born should choose 5 as your lucky bike / car number

6 born should choose 5 or 9 as you lucky  bike/ car number

7 born should choose 5 or 9 as your lucky bike/ car number

8 born should choose 5 or 9 as your lucky bike/ car number

9 born should choose 9 as your lucky bike/car number


Choosing bike number also depends on lucky compound number. The dangerous compound numbers are 13, 16, 18, 20, 26, 31, 48. These compound numbers are deadly. Remember never and ever, you should get these compound numbers as your bike number Not only as a compound numbers but  every they should not be in a total bike number like 1651. 1 and 6 are adjacent to each other. This is a problem. Also it should not be like 6512. 1 and 6 are internally coming, So be careful when choosing your lucky number for your bike or car. Conclusion: When you buy a bike or car, dont hesitate to spend money on lucky number. Don’t go for fancy numbers. Most of the fancy numbers are deadly. For example 999. This means 18. This is a dangerous compound number.

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