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Unlucky numbers

Have you ever thought of unlucky numbers which will bring many difficulties to a person Today I am going to reveal the important factors in unlucky numbers and date of births. It is unfortunate that we born with those numbers. But we cannot help it out. We need to accept our date of birth and proceed our life with enough courage. Today I bring to you the most unlucky number in  numerology. Firstly I want to bring to your notice the numbers of Saturn which we can also call as “SANI”

Any one who is born with Saturn influence will undergo lot of struggles and difficulties in life. They will face many dangers as a matter of their unlucky date of birth. If is very sad to tell about these numbers. The birth numbers which are very and most unlucky are those born in any month under 8, 17, 26 of any month. The people born on the given days will face lot many difficulties than any other people.


They will meet with many unknown dangers in their life. All the works of the people will be unsuccessful. Among the given numbers 8 and 26 are highly unlucky birthday numbers. 17 though unlucky will give some benefits of the planets Sun and Neptune. So it is very sad that those born on the above date will miss all the opportunities in their lives. They are by birth hard workers but their hard work will not reap any benefit. Numerology 20

So my strong advice is to make up ones mind born on 8,17, 2 of any month and live life courageously. In this way you can accept life and live happily than you expect something and live sadly. So take hope in numerology. Also check your name and have a lucky name which will give some luck. It is in this way everyone can be successful by accepting failures.There are also some benefits of these people.
They can be good administrators. But their hand will bring bad luck in the lives of other people who work in the same area. Getting to know something is very important rather not knowing any thing. Taking into action all these things you must make sure to catch the things and use the things that support you in your life.