Unique Names for baby boy

Lucky baby boy names given here are highly influential names. These names will help to name your baby as per numerology and astrology. So get help from these names to make your baby name lucky and prosperous. When you name your baby, you must remember that all lucky names are not really lucky for your baby. One lucky name can be bad for one baby and good for another baby. This difference comes with date of birth. So when naming your baby consider birth date as the main value. And also destiny number plays another important role.

Also we call it as fate number or western people call as life path number. Any how this number is derived by adding your total date of birth into a single digit. So when you want to keep lucky name for your baby, birth number and destiny number are both important and they are the deciding factors for lucky baby name. So name your baby not by sentiments and interests but according to the original science numerology.

I have name many babies in my career and all are living lucky life. As a numerologist I can say that lucky baby name will make your baby future prosperous. Here I am giving my suggestions and recommendation with baby boy name for A to Z.

Boy Names Starting With A
Answith, AppoorvaRaj, AksharaSimha, Abhijith, Amit, Anith, Alvin, Arpith, Akrun
Boys names starting with B
Bawin, Bharat, Bipin, Binay, Borjun, Bijay, Bogi Kumar,  Biswajith
Boys names starting with C
Chinni Krishna, Chanakya, Charan, Chiskar, Chirun, Chimpan, Champith, Chakur, Chaitan
Boy Names Starting With D
Dhrisht, Dirun, Deepun, Dirpan, Dhirna, Dhanunjay, Dhiraj, Dhipu, Dheekshak
Boy Names Starting With E
Eeshwar, Erjun, Eekran, Endra, Erun, Ekshak, Eroop, Eswan, Eejoo
Boy Names Starting With F
Farun, Fiswan, Farjan, Fathik, Fauksha, Faseep, Fandeep, Fijua, Firan
Boy Names Starting With G
Gavin, Gajesh, Giridhar, GangaRaj, Gepursh, Gwanish, Garur, Ganshah, Ganith
Boy Names Starting With H
Harpith, Hakush, Hajirwa, Haipu, Hanirudh, Hampish, Hakrur, Hanith, Hemanth
Boy Names Starting With I
Irshah, Ikran, Impyush, Ianish, Iranjeevan, Ikshan, Irfesh, Irudh, Irvan
Boy Names Starting With J
Jeevik, Jaswin, Janjeev, Jipu, Jeekshar, Jirun, Janith, Jakir, Jamba
Boy Names Starting With K
Krish, Krishna, Kiran, Kim, Kevin, Kenith, Krupa, Kranthi, Krinth


Boy Names Starting With L
Lathik, Likith, Lavan, Libin, Laloo, Lijith, Lasikwin, Lanji Raj, Lamya
Boy Names Starting With M
Mandeep, Mahindar, Marsh, Murshi, Makith, Mandhvin, Maarpu, Marwin, Mukin
Boy Names Starting With N
Nirvan, Nikesh, Nirjeev, Nirpu, Nikith, Naleen, Naloop, Narshwin, Neethru
Boy Names Starting With O
Oshwan, Orin, Okwi, Opin, Orshaw, Orchun, Orpith, Orinth, Ohu
Boy Names Starting With P
Pandya, Paspeeth, Pirun, Peekin, Prish, Poojan, Pinay, Peepu, Pridhvi
Boy Names Starting With Q
Qurin, Qrupa, Qurish, Qwin, Qyaswath, Quinthoo, Qali, Qwinu, Qwali
Boy Names Starting With R
Rishwith, Rakrun, Ranjan, Ripee, Rarsha, Rimbu, Rojith, Roarith, Rainik
Boy Names Starting With S
Sujan, Sreejith, Sunjan, Sreepith, Srinju, Swajan, Sandhu, Simpran, Swajeeth
Boy Names Starting With T
Theerun, Thishwa, Thikwan, Tharun, Tharpth, Tauba, Tabith, Tuchu, ThokaRaj
Boy Names Starting With U
Urwin, Ujwal, Ujay, Upendra, Urpik, Urpoan, Urinji, Uksha, Upun
Boy Names Starting With V
Varshith, Varshan, Vadeep, Vasi, Vimpoo, Vikran, Viswa, Vinu, Viloop
Boy Names Starting With W
Winvay, Wirun, Weepak, Wibu, Wisran, Waipran, Windun, William, Wilson
Boy Names Starting With X
Xepa, Xirsha, Xaku, Xapeen, Xakshith, Xwanish, Xwiru, Xan, Xaza
Boy Names Starting With Y
Yogesh, Yonish, Yoprith, Yukshi, Yarpith, Yibu, Yindran, Yandra, Yerendra
Boy Names Starting With Z
Zavin, Zarsha, Zapin, Zipra, Zikran, Zinshu, Zeeran, Zushu, Zind