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The number 13

The number 13 is one of the dangerous numbers and it is very bad if any one gets in personal name. Your name must not contain the number 13 in any way. This number has adverse affects as this number has various bad explanations and warnings since generations.  This number is not used in hotels internationally. If you observe lodging facility in hotels and if you want to book a hotel room, you will never find room number 13 internationally. Because it is considered as death the number 13

This number has proved that in such hotels so many bad  things took place like suicides and so many cases happened where room number 13 existed. So I warn to be careful to have this number in your name internally. So if at all you have 13 vowels or consonants in your name or as a total name number 13 in your name then it is very bad. So try to correct your name as per numerology.

symbol for death the number 13

Number 13 has its own power if you use in business name. It will give all power and dominion as this number will initially give best results but later will give wrong results and will spoil all business in no way. This number has its own peculiar explanation and we cannot understand this number as a matter of fact. The number 13 is  highly dangerous to use in any way. You must be careful to use this number in all ways.

Number 13 was firstly given and explained by Chaldean Sect some thousand year back. There they mentioned the number 13 as DEATH. Later it was propounded by Famous numerology Cheiro who told 13 as a Death number and shown it as a SKELETON. This number makes everyone the matter of making such things to have dangerous effect. This is the way we must understand the number 13 as not good number.

Make sure you have lucky number in your name. It is not only in your name but also check your apartment number or room number. Your room number must not contain as a room number 13. This will again create problems for whoever stays or lives in such room number or apartment number 13. Also be careful not have h ave this number as a bike number. This number bring dangers to bike rider too.