South Indian Numerology

South Indian Numerology is from Andhra Pradesh. Shyam Reddy is famous numerologist in south India. Here in South India Numerology is vastly followed especially in Chennai. Here people are very much taken up and fascinated by the word numerology or largely astrology. This means traditionally in south India numerology played its strengthening role here and there. So in this way it is conditional. There is not way that you are into very bad situation. Because astrology power would help one to become more lucky and prosperous.

South Indian numerology follows mostly panchang. This means a local language term called astrology through planets and stars. This star predictions are very high here in South Indian Numerology. In stars we have First feet star Second feet star and Third feet going upto fourth feet. So this is the main system that people follow here in south Indian astrology

Moon Astrology also very popular unlike numerology. People follow the predictions as per the moon direction and placement in one’s life. So this type of numerology is based on exclusively not by name or any other but only by moon.

At last I say that south Indian numerology is not that famous here as other forms of numerology. Here there are lot many things to ponder. One of such is that how people react towards numerological predictions. As it is one of the ways to get through. People are not English language driven in South India. They do not know how to speak English. So numerology is by far in English. So here people fail to follow numerology as a powerful science. But Shyam Reddy famous numerologist doing wonders here by establishing numerology services in South India efficiently.

So any one interested to know more about south Indian numerology you have to come to her and visit me personally or visit the place and local people as a part of research