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Samsung Numerology

samsung numerologySamsung Numerology numbers are so powerful that if any company  possesses these number will be prosperous and damn sure they will be successful. Numbers never cheat us as they are the power house of any company. Numbers will rule each and every component of business and it decides the fate of the owner of a particular company to make loss or profit. So the owner or manager will prosper according to the numbers in it. Samsung Numerology is very powerful.

Why Samsung  brand is king?

Samsung Numerology is a well known brand in  mobile or technology world. It pushes all the competitors and  the people outside it due to its powerful kingly rule internationally in terms of quality product. Samsung brand or company is king only due to its numerology  power and the numbers coming in it powerfully. So  Samsung is the only company which has become a competitor for Apple brand in terms of iPhone  verses Samsung galaxy. For more information check updates on

Numerology Numbers in Samsung

Let us see the numbers in Samsung as per Numerology. Numerology is  the very reason why Samsung is the very  famous company.

S  A  M  S  U  N  G  =  3 +1  + 4  + 3  +  6  +  5  +  3 =  25

25 is an amazing business number which rules the  whole world as a matter of success. 25 means 7 which means Neptune. This is how the power comes from planet Neptune. Neptune is known for business success. This planet has a potential to make the business come from very low lever to the high level . In this way we can come to conclusion that Samsung is one of the powerful numbers to hold the power of Numerology.

Vowels and Consonants in Samsung

In Numerology Vowels and Consonants also play a great role. These are called internal numbers also which are very important for any company to concentrate upon. The number of vowels as per numerology in the brand Samsung are 7.

i.e   A = 1,  U = 6,  equals to   7

Again 7 rules the numerology internal numbers and this way we know very well why Samsung is the well known brand in every way. This is the highest Lucky Brand which will turn all the loss into profit and Numerology is the reason for every success of Samsung.