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When you want to know your future and life fate, the best way to know is to read your own hand, doing palm reading with the help of this article. You can relate this to your life. Once observe the above chart where you will see many lines of paramount importance. Among all those lines given above, there are 5 important lines that everyone must surely consider.

They are

1. Life Line

2. Head Line

3. Heart Line

4. Money Line

5. Sun Line

Those lines are very important to take choice of your destiny in simple. You  cannot escape what is written in those lines. For example, if you want to become rich and you don’t have money line in your hand then it becomes almost impossible to get money. In the same way to other lines. So it is highly important when you do palm reading, you must consider basically 5 lines of paramount importance. Also get free Numerology Predictions

Hand reading palmistry

When you want to read hand palm, the best way is to check the thickness of the lines. This is very important that you need to check the texture of the lines.  Once I saw a beggar with  good money line but it was so dark and rich texture. This will block the benefits of that money line. So texture matters a lot when you want to analyse the palm and future.

So make sure also to know the type of hand that one has. There are different types of hands in shape in the advanced palmistry. So you must also consider the shapes of the hand when reading the palm. In this way you will be able to get the apt predictions from any palm of your choice of palm reading.

Palm reading online

When you don’t have chance to see the hand  you can also take scan of your hand and send it online or mail it . But when you do that make sure you apply link of a piece of chalk to you palm so that your astrologer will read it clearly what are you exactly.

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Importance of Sun Line

Sun reveals is nothing but the name and fame that we get from the society. If you have this line then you will become popular in whichever place you  visit or work. So this line is very crucial if you want name and fame from other or else you wont get recognition for your works.  If you have this line then it does not mean you will have money.  For money you need to have money line for sure.