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Today I want to clearly discuss about online numerology and its problems and solutions. Who is original and who is not good numerologist. Now a days many are searching for name change and the reason for this is to get luck.  Are you also doing the same thing here in search of right and lucky name corrections ? Then today I will guide you fully how to select right numerologist online.

Qualified Numerologist

Firstly when you want to get your name corrected you must make sure to look for right numerology solutions. Many are there to give name luck. But who is genuine. The first thing to look is  the qualification of Numerologist Does he possess professional qualification from any university? Why because a person who really read numerology related books can guide you better than any one who just watches some programs and act like professional.  So look for right qualified person. This is the first step.

Method of Approach

Second, you must ask how he follows the method of correction. There are many ways of correcting. For example as per the guidance of Pythagoras or Chaldean sect or China related method.  The one who follows all method is the right numerologist for you. So do not take hasty choices to take name correction with only one method of numerology. I saw many numerology are following only one method of numerology. This is not right.

Be Aware of wrong name

As soon as you correct your name online, make sure you make deep observation and do not blindly use the name. If you feel that some bad is taking place, then stop using the name. The name may be having lucky numbers but you must curb all usage of the name. Some name though lucky may not work for luck. This is something advanced numerology which I do not share here.

Thank you
Shyam Reddy
Numerologist cum Pronologist