Numerology Predictions

Next five years Numerology Predictions

This year is 2016 ending and here I would like to give numerology predictions for the next five .years for m 2017 to 2022. These predictions are based on just numerology calculations advanced and does not promote any ideas what so ever legally. These predictions are just personal and not to be taken into reality as long as I am predicting just by Numerology.

Here starting 2017 the number denotes 10 when added total into a single digit. And when added the only year like 17. It is taking 8. So here we are getting 10 and 8 i.e 1/8.  Both are enemy numbers. So 2017 is a year where we really get into trouble and I am  predicting about war among some countries which will show lot of impact on people of the whole world.

Numerology predictions 2018 denotes 11 and 18. It will take 2 and 9 which is an average year. This year is a year where we do not have much luck or much bad. Every thing happens in a way that is safe and this is the way how we can say that this year is an average year. This year does not bring any lucky or bad lucky state to any one. Every one lives happily.

Numerology predictions 2019 says that 12 and 1 as a numbers. This year brings lot of dangers regarding health. There will be a virus attack where one country gets completely attacked. No human being invents any medicine for such virus. So we need to say that 2019 is a death year 13 combination year.

Numerology says about 2020. This is a year almost a year of judgement. Earthquake shivers half of the earth. Fully out of order. And many countries will be affected with a heavy earth quake it shatters all and does not give any shelter to many. So we need to be careful with the earth quakes taking place in the world. Do this know that this year would be a judgement year.

Numerology 2021 is a year of advancement. This year will bring so much happiness to a many and 2022 is also a money year. check my other predictions numerology chart

These are the numerology predictions as per numerology. Have a nice