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Numerology of names and its Numerology Name Meaning and its power is clearly explained in this small beautiful article where I share my experiences about my clients who really got amazing results with numerology name. It is my chance now to share some of my clients happy moments which will bring me a lot of enthusiasm being a Numerologist. I am Shyam Reddy, Ranked Top 2 numerologist who gives best numerology of names or numerology chart provider in the world. I want to share some successful moments and lucky moment of my clients who call me and share their happiness. This way, I want everyone who is reading this beautiful article must understand the power of numerology.

First I want to share about one girl who got a great bank job from Indian government within 2 days of taking numerology correction in her personal name. Her name was Rani who came to me in the year 2011 with a lot of disappointment and lost confidence about her dream job in a government sector. I gave her a successful name correction and it was also a surprise to me that after 2 days, she came up to me with a great news about her job as a clerk in State Bank of India. This bank is top 1 bank in India. This is the fastest result in my career as a numerologist.

Another Person, Sorry as I don’t remember his name right now as I am typing this article. He came to me also with lot of struggle to get a good job as per his talent. He was aiming at a big job. I gave name correction and within a week, this person became CFO to a great company. He was elated with this and called me and thanking me a lot for this great result through numerology. This is quite amazing for me. When I asked his salary, he was earning 26 lakhs Inr Per month., This is not a normal package. This is how numerology of names works

Another instance, about a brand. I gave brand name and just after one month he could send 5 people to Dubai and started processing visas for Canada. He was shocked that the power of Numerology is quite revealing and he could see direct results with numerology. I have named also many babies. All baby name were as per numerology. These babies are growing and showing great intellectual capacity and very well matured living.

Your numerology of names is very important to get luck and happiness. Your numerology name chooses positive vibration from this universe and gives it to you. This is the way you need to make yourself powerful with the beautiful gift of numerology. Your name says everything how you will be and in which way you will lead  your life and ultimately your numerology name decides your fate.