Numerology number 55

 Number 55 Power

55 means very fast luck. You can simply get luck within very short span of time especially if you have business in this name or if you have it as your personal name. 55 is regarded one of the powerful numbers by Cheiro. It is understood by Cheiro that you will get lucky fast. But there is one problems with this number that it will bring you enemies along with luck. So you must be careful not to let enemies damage you in one or other way. So while thinking about this number, you must also think about your enemies too in a very special way.

Otherwise you cannot come up successfully. Numerology number 55 is very powerful and will bring progress in a very less amount of time. You can keep it as new name for any new born with this number or else you can correct your existing name to 55 or you can start business with this number so that you can prosper your business very fast and get profits even you have less investment. You can compete very well with other businesses too if you have 55 as you office number.

Not to mention about enemies that this number will bring to you, I suggest not to have this number if you have more enemies around already or if you are a person of hot temper. For those who are soft natured who have less number of enemies can have this number as your personal number or as business number.

55 is the combination of 5 and 5 which means the combination of Mercury and Mercury. It is a planet of fastness. Quick in nature and good in luck. Many ancient people have used it to be successful. They remained successful despite all impossibilities around them. So I suggest strongly to use this number and become all the more powerful than what you are now. Get huge profit and success with this numerology number 55