Numerology Name

Numerology name tells you whether your name has right lucky numbers or not according to numerology. As per numerology name the old mysterious science, says that your name must be positive and not negative. This means when your name has positive vibration then you will have lucky life. But if your name has negative vibration then you will have unlucky life. So unlucky name means that you have negative vibration or numbers in your personal name according to numerology.

In numerology name every alphabet or letters in your name has its own significance and importance. Our ancestors had assigned each letter a number. So in name numerology your name numbers play a great role in deciding your luck factor. Your name tells everything about you. It will promote you or demote you in depth. I am giving in this article the great importance of numerology name. This way you are mostly lucky if you follow numerology. So be ready to face this mystery of numerology in one or other way.


So if you choose to use numerology to live a lucky lucky life then this article would be more useful to know whether your name is lucky or not. Name numerology also says that you must not have negative numbers in your name. It simply means negative alphabet. You must make sure your name is correct as per numerology, Otherwise you will be in lot of trouble. Do not take risk by keeping name as per your wish. It is not how your name is but it is how much lucky your name know her how to predict your future is must be the concept. Now how to know whether your name is lucky or not? How to analyze your name power.

How to get rid of bad luck by altering your name ? These are some of the doubts you may be asking to yourself. Now I will tell you here how to check your name power or name numerology. Here the important thing is that you must check your name in 2 important methods given by our ancestors. The two methods are Chaldean method of name numerology and Pythagoras method of name numerology. This way we will know the lucky vibration of our name and how powerful our name is as per numerology.

Numerology of names free

Here I am give 2 methods of charts for calculating numerology of names free. Now you can calculate basic name numerology power of your name by adding number assigned to your name. Remember you must add the numbers of the alphabet in total. The sum of alphabet is important to know the name number of your name and its power. For Example : Anil = 1+5+1+3 = 10. The one given chart is Chaldean name chart which is most ancient numerology. This one is believed to be original and most accurate for personal name though not for business name as far as my experience is concerned. It is the most powerful name numerology method which can be used for knowing your name numerology lucky power and whether your name has lucky vibration or not. So now check your name number by observing the table .

Numerology Number

Now you must check Numerology Number concept by whether the name number which you have kept for your name is compatible or not. Like for example 10 is compatible to you or not. To know this you must start with the help of your date of birth. This is very important. If you are born on 5 then the name number must also be 5 then your name is lucky for you. Remember you must reduce numbers and add to single digit to know the compatibility. For example 14 = 1+4=5. So you must check your name in this way. I hope now you are able to check your name number easily.

Numerology name calculator

Now I am giving your free numerology name calculator. How to know which number is lucky and which number is bad. For this understanding you must make some research about numerology meanings by searching my other articles in detail. But as of now I will mention the lucky name numbers in numerology. The lucky numbers are 23, 19, 41, 37, 24, 15, 42, 51, 17, 11, 10, 44 etc. The unlucky numbers are 13, 26, 16, 18, 8 etc. And some numbers are average in luck. Free Numerology calcualtor

What is numerology number

Never take risk by finding what is numerology number rather doing numerology calculation on your own. What I have been mentioning is just the basic method of know your name power. But never correct your name on your own. Only numerology professional must do this. Otherwise you will have so many problems. Do not try on your own as there are many internal numbers in numerology and only numerologist will know this. applicable. Know here your lucky mobile number

Baby Names in Numerology Number

I am giving here a link for lucky baby names which will give lucky life to your baby. If you keep baby names in numerology number, then you will give a chance to make your baby lucky. But always approach numerologist because even lucky name may not be good to your baby birth date. So it all depends on birth date. So numerologist will know this. Do not risk yourself counting lucky names. It is not lucky name that makes your baby lucky but a name which vibrates positively with baby’s birth date.

Certainly Numerology is an age old science which can really boost your luck and prosperity unconditionally. It will help you get rid of bad luck and attain happy life. But you must live a good life. You cannot get luck with numerology by living a bad life. Numerology numbers are good friends for those who live a good life. Never try to harm people or take revenge. But love your enemies and love everyone around you and help the poor and spend time praying to Jesus the Lord. And if you follow this certainly numerology will benefit you in many ways because you are following a system of numbers in your name and this system is very important. Every where in this universe is systematic. So your name must be also systematic. Contact me for lucky numerology report and order you lucky numerology name. So using name numerology you can really get luck and power but remember you good deeds will remove your karma and this will give luck.