Numerology 1

Numerology 1 Revelations

Numerology 1 tells about 1 born people in a special way. 1 is a number which tells about leadership qualities. These people are highly qualitative in nature. These people are really has great ambition. If you want to make this number known to everyone, then you must do some things. 1 means you have administrative powers. You can lead any one and you can be successful. you are fit for leading organizations in many ways.

Job Scope for numerology 1

First of all the best job suitable is Team Leaders, Heads, Managers. You are not fit for other things like clerk or any small jobs. You can also become great actor. Especially 10 born persons can become good artists. They will become popular very easily. These people are highly desirous to become popular. And it will happen very naturally with out much effort.

Money Wise

Money is not a criteria for those who belong to one as birth number. They will have natural abilities to get money. So do not need to think a lot for money. If you do business you will become great business man or woman. Money flows strongly suddenly without your wish and well. So always take it as a pride. Because if you are born on this amazing birth date you can be highly famous. So be happy for what you are today.


You will get beautiful wife or husband naturally. You must also not consider too much about wife or husband. But I warn you not to go for love related marriages. For you arranged marriage is good always. But you will be prone to love someone so be taking enough care in love relation. If you give importance to love you will finally fail.

Lucky Numbers and Partners

For you lucky number is 2. This number will give you success and positive feeling. Even If you want to make friendship or If you want to marry someone consider 2 as main lucky number. Other alternative numbers for luck are 4 and 7. These are also lucky for you in terms of everything like lucky days lucky bike number or lucky inauguration day or lucky house number or mobile digit numbers.

Lucky Colors: For you lucky color is White. This color brings you enough luck. White means joy. So joy always stays near by you. There are other alternative colors like Yellow and Brown. Cheiro tell about brown color which is most lucky number for 1 born individuals.

Unlucky dimensions:  Finally the Unlucky number is 8 and 6 and 3. Therefor these 3 numbers are cruelly unlucky. I mean they will bring you wrong things in your life.