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Several Number meanings

Finally you are here to know some great Number meanings  in life. Which is the highly lucky number in numerology and astrology and in the whole world. Without any doubt I say 23. Why 23 is very lucky number for all. Because it is represented by the Mercury Planet which is very friendly and lucky to any one in this world. 23 makes you famous in no time and changes thing around you in shorter period. So 23 is regarded by astrology and numerology Psychologists as a number of courageous Lion. We know how we treat lion. In the same way you will get treatment if you trust this number in your life.

High Number 19

Otherwise I speak of number 19. This number is the number of prosperity. It strikes happy and prosperous living over all.  There is no problem if you possess the power of 19 in your name or write on your shirt or in your book. This number may not be suitable for all. Only few member benefit out of this number 19. This number makes anyone rich and gets name and you can be famous pupil. If your birth date is 6 or 8 this 19 is not good.

Simple 15

Additional information, I want to give is about 51 number. This is simple great money number. Also 15 is same. This number lifts up all the poverty and gives you enough stuff and puts your head high in the society. Finally if you have number 15 or 51 with you then money is not so far from you.

55 number capacity

Now it is time to speak of number 55. This number makes you lucky within shorter period of time. This is the specialty of the number. But you must be aware of your enemies. This is one small drawback but not all the time. 55 makes your stronger in one month, I can say only one week or 2 days. 55 is highly powerful.