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Getting Lucky with number astrology is not a thing of easiness. It is a thing of numbers playing around us which will show a lot of effect on our personal lives. It is very important for every one of us to know what is going on with numbers around us and within us. The things you use and the objects you carry and the vehicle you have and the name you possess. All the above mentioned has its own role when coming to number astrology . So make sure you are in no way compromise certain numbers and especially bad numbers. When you find bad numbers then you must be careful. I want to give one real example on how to know you numbers and the effect that will show on you.

I have seen recently in the month of July 2015 one accident of a car. When I checked the car number, the vowels are coming up to 13 twice. This is how dangers take place and not because of driving. Your numbers influence you a lot. So it is very important to know your numbers around. Numerology is nothing buy the importance of numbers and their representing planets. Now, Let us know some important things in Numerology. Your personal name is very important when you deal with numerology. Your personal name gives you what you really require . If your name is not lucky enough then it takes you to the other side of your life. It will make you such with the things around you.

But, on the other side , if you have lucky name, you will  see the amazing benefits of the lucky universe affecting you positively in every corner of your life. It is the way of success. It is the way of happiness.  So make sure your personal name is always lucky and fabulous in all respects. To know how to become lucky through numerology is to know how to keep your name as per your birth number and destiny number. Numerology name correction is the solution for all of this . If you correct your name as per numerology, you will be seeing amazing benefits in every respect.