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Lucky Baby names for European Countries

The list given below is researched based on recent data of popular baby names newly come up. These top 100 popular baby names of this generation are used with modern nature. The names are very popular through out the world and some of them are very modern and are unknown. These names are very short and good to be called. But when one keeps this name, make sure that the name is numerologist tuned and astrological tuned. Every name may not suit everyone. It all depends on birth number and destiny number. Once your birth number and destiny matches with the name, then you can keep the name without any problem.

These are very easy to call. It is always good to have one syllabic name rather than two syllabic names because though we keep 2 most of the times, we are known by only one name from the society where we don’t get enough luck. In this way, we need to concentrate on the name where the society calls us and not just hidden in the academic records where luck wont come.

cecilia, peru, jain, jisa, rockey, bally, cookey, piru, chin, chocolate. etc are goo names


Our name should be known by the society. If you have a name and it has positive vibration as per numerology, but the problem is that it is hidden some where in the academic records. This way you are not able to get luck. So it is always better to have a name which is short in nature and the list of the top baby names given below are very good for calling and they are very easy to spell too.

Numerology name is not just for the sake of keeping in the records, but they are meant to be called by others and only then you will get luck. If your name is not known by the society then it would be waste of numerologist value. So get the names and approach any numerologist who can give you lucky name as per your birth number and destiny number and this way any one can live a lucky and happier life with numerology. And I hope the given names on this website numerologists will help you in getting what you want and the top 100 baby names will help you choose a name to your satisfaction.