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Names and numbers

Yes Numerology of my name article is based on the above questions and reveals all the answers of the luck of your name. First of all when you want to know your name, you should know what is the alphabet value of each letter in your name and what is the planet that it resembles. Names and numbers are to be seen

Do you want to know the Names and numbers of your name?

Do you want to check the power in your Names and numbers?

Do you want to know the positive vibrations in your name?

Do you want to know the negative vibrations in your name?

So when you calculate numerology of your name , you should consider many internal numbers too like vowels and consonants. That is why we can come to conclusion about ones name as per external name number and internal vowels and consonants whether the name is lucky or not. So checking the name is not so easy task, if you check wrongly and think your name is of good luck then there would be problem. So thinking in the right way and making calculations rightly will make your name known clearly without any problem. In this way, you will become known what you are in this mysterious world. Calculating the numerology of a name is very easy only if you understand about each number in numerology and this needs hectic study of the Names and numbers.

Name that number

Let us take A for example. A implies 1 in numerology. 1 implies Sun in both Astrology and Numerology. In this way you should know your name. For example let us analyze Michael Jackson name now as an example.

Michael Jackson = M=4, I = 1, C=3, H=5, A=1, E=5, L=3, J=1, A=1,C=3, K=2, S=3, O=7, N= 5.  So I calculated numerology of name Michael Jackson by taking one each letter and calculating with number as per the rules of numerology and Names and numbers

Now add the total numbers where you will get 44 as per chaldean method which is considered as the amazing lucky number and as per Pythagorean system 52. Check the calculations, I have made in detail in both Pythagorean and Chaldean systems.

Pythagorean System                                                                                    Total

       Vowels:   9 15   1   6                               22 / 4

             Data:   MICHAEL JACKSON                              52 / 7

Consonants:   4 38 3 1 321 5                              30 / 3

1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     Total

         Vowels:   2     0     0     0     1     1     0     0     1        5

Consonants:   2     1     3     1     1     0     0     1     0        9

         Totals:   4     1     3     1     2     1     0     1     1        14



Chaldean System                                                              Total

       Vowels:   1 15   1   7                               15 / 6

             Data:   MICHAEL JACKSON                              44 / 8

Consonants:   4 35 3 1 323 5                              29 / 11 / 2

1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     Total

         Vowels:   3     0     0     0     1     0     1     0     0        5

Consonants:   1     1     4     1     2     0     0     0     0        9

         Totals:   4     1     4     1     3     0     1     0     0        14


So Getting to know your name  completely is a mystery and lot of investigation is needed for this to know the power of your name. If you know that there are some wrong numbers in your name, I recommend you to approach Numerologist instantly. But at the same time, I warn not to correct your name by yourself as the information, I am providing here in this article is of minimum and there are lot of calculations to be made which I cannot reveal here and can be possible only by evaluation of  ones name by his birth number  and destiny number. So it is not possible to write because each person is unique in luck and each person has to name himself as per his birth details. So approach and expert numerologist like Shyam Reddy, myself or any numerologist near by you who can give you perfect name correction which can bring luck and prosperity with one small act of name correction or new name or newly born babies.

So  I conclude this article today by making my website readers of numerologyblis understand the power in your name and if you find any negative vibrations, act instantly and approach an expert numerologist.