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We usually keep names just by our cultural tastes or just by something that would be interesting for us. When we name a baby we give very low importance to our keep name as per birth. Though we approach any numerologist or astrologer, we give secondary importance to Numerology or astrology. We give importance to our likeness or dis likeness .

This is my personal experience. Many time my clients when they approach me they are not in a position to accept the name given by me as per astrology and numerology. They want their likeness to be fulfilled first and afterwards numerology suggestion. So in this way we must be very careful when naming a baby. So always keep name according to date of birth.

Names according to date of birth

Our date of birth means everything for  a name. when we name a  baby, we must first consider date of birth. This way we must make sure to have name as per our time and place of birth and general date of birth. As per the suggestions given me, you must have understood by now. This is how we have to make sure to be in touch of the names. First we must consider birth number as the main value when naming a baby. Name according to date of birth means to have a name as per our birth number. Our birth number must be reduced to a single digit number if it is a compound number. Then the single number must be considered and to be taken as a primary thing for naming a baby. So make sure you know the birth number. Some times our birth numbers are wrong due to various reasons. In this case we must make sure the real birth number of ours from our elders or family members. In this way we are in a position to name a baby rightly and luckily .

Importance of Destiny number

When we name according to date of birth, we must take into account also destiny number. This number is what to addition of total date of birth.