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What your mole tells?

There are also many ways of predicting moles. Mole Astrology is one type of prediction science. It depends upon the thickness and lightness. Whatsoever it is finally some meaning. BecauseĀ  our moles cannot tell usĀ  clearly what we are clearly but we can understand just by the appearance of the mole. To consider one as a mole it must have enough thickness. Light and small moles do not show any effect. It is this way we can have clear understanding of what we are exactly.

Structure of Mole Astrology

Any where moles on hand are not lucky. Especially if you have mole in palm you will face some watery dangers. You must not visit any sea shore. If you have mole on your chest or breast for a girl then it tells that you must be more careful with job related issues. If you have moles on thigh you will get beautiful and intelligent wife or handsome partner. Finally to say some truths moles are just predictions of future and they do not give us any solutions for any problems.

What exactly mole means

It says that any mole on arms show that you will enjoy marriage lives.If mole is appears on elbow, it is difficult to lead a life with marriage.

Armpits area

You are mad of some money to come in to your life.


They behave as if they have short temper


He will lead an ashram life and mysterious life.

Cheek moles

Any mole on cheek is that you love your relatives very much.

Jaw moles

They are very lovable and caring to everyone.


His or Her partner will be in a rich state.


He will get money without much efforts and works


He will become famous in the eyes of the world


Some one will steal your money.


You are a quarrel some person.