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Life path number

Life Path Number or Destiny Number. We all have destiny number or also we call it as  fate number within our date of birth. We can derive this by adding our total date of birth to a single digit number.This is called either fate number in some countries or Destiny number in some areas. Both terms are same. The difference between our birth number and destiny number is  that our destiny number is our internal thoughts and character which society or people around us may not know.

Numerology Tips on Life Path

But where as our birth number is the public number or public behavior number which people know us by our outer personality. I will explain more about how to derive your life path number. Before doing this I want to give some helpful tips about numerology. This will be a help or guide if you want to learn can take the help of some sites. Numerology is the science. men followed across ages to live a lucky and prosperous life .

This way of changing or correcting our name as per our date of birth brings a kind of unity . It gives positive elements which leads to lucky vibration. These lucky vibrations in our name as per our date of birth gives us astonishing and surprising lucky results. Numerology can change your life totally if you do things right. This is what science of numerology says.

These numbers are very important to know our lucky number and as well as to have lucky name as per our date of birth. Our Date of Birth is what very important  when we plan to correct our name as per numerology. When we correct our name, It should be matching our destiny number compulsorily. Only then we can have luck.

So now you can calculate your destiny number or life path number and get your name number and lucky dates accordingly. I hope this article is useful for you to understand your life path number or Destiny number