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Istanbul Blast Numerology

Istanbul Blast has occurred and It is very sad.  Let us check the numbers of Istanbul as per Numerology. As per Pythagoras Numerology, Istanbul Blast Numerology has 3 bad numbers which is a disturbing thing. Those numbers are 26 13 and again 13. These 3 numbers are considered as unlucky in Numerology. As we all know 26 has its own problem because it is regarded as tsunami number and 13 is known as skeleton in numerology.

So It is highly understood that for Istanbul Blast Numerology if in any  name takes one of the numbers is bad. But It takes almost 3 bad numbers. So blast occurred over there and also in the future, the country may suffer due to bad numbers within the name. Any how It is very sad about the blast and we wish to follow certain things in numerology as our elders gave us in detail how to follow numerology as a matter of luck. For more information

Let us check Istanbul Blast Numerology

I = 9, S=1, T=2, A=1, N=5, B=2, U=3, L=3,

The total of above numbers comes to 26 which is a number of Tsunami.  In this way we need to understand 26 name number is also mentioned as dangerous in the old Babylonian Numerology which is also known as Chaldean Numerology.

Now Let us check the number of vowels in Istanbul.

9+1+3 = 13

So the total number of vowels comes to total 13 which is known as Death Number or Skeleton.

Now Let us check the number of consonants in Istanbul

1+2+5+2+3 = 13

Again the total number of consonants comes to total 13 which is really shocking.

Three numbers which are considered deadly by old Babylonians and Chaldeans are in Istanbul . So Istanbul is facing such crisis in the form of Istanbul blast or Istanbul attack.