House number meanings

house number meanings

Our House is the temple of giving happiness to the people live in that home. what is house number meanings. So it is very important to have lucky house number whatsoever. To get lucky house number depends on many factors. Because when we give lucky number to the house we must make sure that the house numerology suits to all the generation who live in that house in the future. This is simply known as house number meanings

Today I will explain to you how to have a good and lucky house number. For example if your house number is 25/3. Then the total number is 10 which is very lucky number in numerology but not lucky for house. The reason is 10 is represented as sun which is very lucky and at the same time it is the enemy planet for Venus that is 6. So if someone born on 6 lives in the house then the problem would arise there and the 6 person may not live happily. So in order to avoid such type of bad luck .what to be done is a big question. In house numerology, we first clear certain things about universal lucky number which are suitable for all people and those numbers by which everyone can be lucky through out generations. So you must know what are those lucky numbers in numerology which can be as house number.

One of the powerful numbers that stands in house numerology is 5. This number 5 is amazingly lucky to any house number or apartment number. 5 is known as an universal and lucky number for anyone and for all. This will give lucky to all the people live in the house. So now you understand the power of 5 to be as house number. So now I rectify the number in the first paragraph 25/3 house number to 25/7 and this will bring 14 and to the single digit 5. So the number will be very lucky.

There are still other numbers which are universally lucky. They are like 7, 9. These both numbers and especially 7 is amazingly lucky if you have as your house number. 7 is regarded as one the best all round numbers in numerology. So it is also very lucky if you keep to your home as a house number. Numerology is a wonderful science which will work very nice if at all you use in a better way. Numerology never denies luck for whatsoever reason unless you are careless in choosing number. if you choose good number, you will be lucky or else you will be unlucky. It all depends on how you choose the right number at the right point. If you have any confusion you can approach Expert Numerologists like Shyam Reddy and don’t try for yourself with half knowledge which will give you other numbers. So  understanding certain principles in numerology will certainly give your house a better place to live and work with. Your house numerology is nothing but the game of numbers to get lucky or unlucky life.

When giving house number also you  must make sure that enemy number not fall side by side. This is something advanced numerology. Which means even if the total number is coming to 5 but if the internal numbers side by side are not of positive vibration, even then there would be some problem. So make sure that your house numerology is best fit in all aspects of Numerology. Then you will enjoy the system of numerology and you will fell a sense of positive vibration among numbers and planets which will show it effect. This is what all about house numerology which were give by Chaldean sects and Pythagoras people to many people