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Numerology has its own value when dealing with powerful numbers. Google numerology has its own powerful which I want to explain right now through this article. We know google is the leading search engine. Why this has been for very long time a powerful and unbeatable search engine. What does numerology numbers say about it. There are innumerable search engines who are competing regularly with google but of no use. Google Numerology has some numbers

Numerology numbers in Google Numerology are very surprising because of its amazing value. Now we will see how the numbers are in the search engine and it plays great role. If we carefully analyze google as per Pythagoras numerology, then we find a great business number 34 which must be rocking number for any business name to be successful in any area. 34 is a number taking single digit 7 and this number is good for any business. Visit

When we check the internal numbers like vowels and consonants as per numerology, then again google takes the vowels as 17 and at the same time consonants also taking 17 which can have positive effects. 17 vowels and 17 consonants which are 100% same. This is a rare combination. That is why google is a king in internet market. So number 17 means , the power of both sun and Neptune which are altogether powerful. It is superb.

As per Chaldean Numerology, also Google takes a leadership number 28 which is fantastic. In this way it will dominate purely and solely. 28 is a leadership number.  But 28 is also know as initial success number and it gives loss in the long run. But this applies only for personal names. Usually Chaldean Numerology is meant for business names so here Google is a business name then Pythagoras numerology applies where 34 in taken.

Numerology of Google means it will come to success. 34 is a number of success. It does not mean that 34 is only good exclusively for Google.