Future Prediction by Date of Birth

Future prediction by date of birth secret

If you want to know future prediction by date of birth FOR EXAMPLE: If Ram is born on 5.10.1990 .  Then you have to take the year 1990 for calculation.   Just total the year  i.e. 1+9+9+0  = 19. Now add 19 to your birth year i.e 1990+19= 2009 . So 2009 is the turning point year.  In the same way if you want to know further turning point years, then do in the same way i.e total 2009. i.e 2+0+0+9 = 11 .   So add 11 to 2009. i.e  2009+11= 2020 is you another turning point year. Cheiro predicted in this way Queen Victoria death. So in this way you must know now future prediction by date of birth

Predict Future

From the above you  must have understood now on future prediction by date of birth. So I want to tell you now about the turning point you are getting after the above calculation. So Once you calculate  you might have got an year. Now turning point means it does not mean good luck or bad luck. Turning point means it could be either lucky or unlucky. You  must be careful in the result years.

Importance of 15

No matter what is your business and how small is your business. If you have this number in your brand name then you will grow into a great heights. which means This number 15 can make you go from small tea hotel to even 5 star hotel. Such is the miracle with number 15. So if you believe in numerology it will surely give you a great wealth. Dell company and Ebay possess the same number 15 in their brand name.

Numerology Calculation for number 15 in name number depends on your birth date. If you are born on 6 combination and your destiny number is the friendly planet for your birth number , then you can go for 15 as your name number which brings you good luck. 15 is so powerful since ages. We can simply become famous with this number as name number.

When you want to have 15 as name number , you should also take care of your vowels and consonants in your name. Your vowels and consonants should be perfectly matching with your birth number. You need to consider also the number of letters in your name. 15 becomes powerful only when you take steps mentioned above when naming yourself or your baby.