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Free horoscope give here will give detailed  horoscope analysis about you. This is the  real analysis given by experts.  Free horoscope will give you detailed chart about you  cancer horoscope  and leo horoscope and love horoscope and Libra Horoscope and Virgo Horoscope and Capricon horoscope and Aquarius horoscope and all  horoscope can be found here with detailed analysis and it is all free.  All what you get here may be costing you a lot if you approach any astrologer outside but NumerologyBLIS  gives you enough revelation about your life.

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But remember that you have to manage this free analysis by entering your date of birth. Try to give your original date of birth so that you will get correct report. Do not enter your date of birth wrongly taking your academic birth  year into consideration. Your school date of birth may be different from your original date of birth. Those who do not have idea about original date of birth must approach their parents and  get original date of birth.

So if everything is ready then this is the time to use this article and website for your free horoscope analysis. Make sure that what ever given here is only a prediction and do not take if some things are not applicable to you. But use these points to get  horoscope  for you completely free.

Free Horoscope
Free Horoscope

Astrology Horoscope

Do use this report and take print and keep it with you. We are not going to keep this free horoscope forever. We are just promoting now to our blog readers this free chart analysis. So you are lucky now to get this free horoscope and analysis. Make sure you do have enough data about you to enter. Horoscope gives you full power to live life happily. It will give you all luck and happiness. It will empower you in every area. It will give you amazing results.

Horoscope gives you clear indication of how you are able to live life happily. This will make you also know your planets and their influences. So do use this help and know your future awaiting help through free horoscope


  • Lavanya

    My friend dob 1/12/1997.will u credit his future

  • Hello santosh kumar, you will face delay in everything. Your love life also will delay. you will find crush with 3, 12, 21, 30 born girl

  • Hello Anila, Amazing love relationship. He is perfectly matching you. You can marry him without any second thought.

  • Hello you are moon and she is saturn. Both are tsunami type relationship. Very dangerous.Not matching at all. You have to love 1,10,19,28 girl of any month

  • Hello Pratik Your are Uranus and She is Saturn. Both planets are dead enemies. She will never come back. Your birth dates are not at all matching. You must try for 6 born girl. She is very lucky, 6, 15, 24 of any month

  • Lavanya

    Sir I want full details of my future please tell me

  • sntosh kumar

    helki sir .my date of birth is 5.1.1998. birth time is between 4 to 5 am. van you say wheather i will success in my love life and when i wii find my crush. will i be able to achieve success in exam?.

  • My DOB.29/11/1990.I want to know about my future ,job,and marraige.when will my marraige love or arrange.if I get job.I have lover I want know about his job financial background and his future his DOB.11/10/1988

  • Anila

    I am Anila my DOB.29/11/1990. I want to know about my future ,job,marraige love or arrange.i have a lover..his DOB .11/10/1988. did i get any job?plz tell about his job and finacial background also plz

  • My name is anand.I want to know my relationship will be a success or not. My date of birth is partner’s date of birth is 26-aug-1997..

  • Anand.b.s

    My name is anand.I want to know my relationship will be a success or not. My date of birth is partner’s date of birth is 26-aug-1997..

  • Pratik

    Sir my dob is 22-05-1993 My name is pratik i want to know
    is it possible my gf get me back? Her name is priyanka and her dob is 17-04-1992

  • K.kirubhaharan

    Hi I am loving one girl in my college my DOB is 10/09/1993 and her name is Divya her DOB is 19/12/1995 I have said love u many times will she accept me will love marriage or arrange marriage

  • K.kirubhaharan

    Y she doesn’t love me back is there is any reason behind that y I could not make love marriage when will I find my love of my life

  • Hello you are in a dangerous side right now. Change your name urgently. Mamatha is very dangerous name in astrology. Those who have mamatha as name will eventually suffer from many problems

  • Hello Raghavendra your girl friend date of birth is not at all matching yours. How can you love her. It is impossible. Forget her and live a new life. Try for a girl who is born on 2,10,11, 29 of any month. 11 born girl very nice for you.

  • Dear Ravneet you have serious marriage problems. Only arranged marriage. Never opt for love marriages.

  • You can a good leader and business woman. Try to set up your own business. Regarding your marriage life send me your partner date of birth

  • Dear Riddhi, nothing of that sort. No divorce for you. Planets have changed their positions

  • Dear Akshata you will not pass this time also. I am sorry to give this bad news. But no one can escape

  • Mamatha.m

    My dob=2/12/1998.Please tell about my future

  • sai

    my name is sai my date of birth 16-11-1995 1:50 pm I want to no my fracture

  • My date of birth is 28/07/1990. I just wanted know my marriage must be whether love or arrange married, currently am in love, but i have doubt that she is playing with please give me solution.
    My girl friend date of birth-08/04/1995
    Thank you.

  • Lavanya

    My dob 28/5/ exams are in November can I succeed in my xams .how will be my future

  • Riya kumari

    Can u plz tell me which field will be fine for me

  • Ravneet

    My date of birth is 7oct 2000 Saturday at 1:30pm Jammu….I think now u can predict my future easily….

  • Riya kumari

    I want to know that do I have any chance to become doctor…

  • Vishwesh Chaudhari

    And sir, is there any thing I can do to remove obstacles to become CA ?

  • Vishwesh Chaudhari

    25/01/1994 . n around when I will b CA ? N should I start investing and trading in share market ?

  • Mounashree

    Hello sir.
    My dob is 28,nov.1991
    Time 7:33 am
    I want to know my career. Am married women and I want to know about my married life
    Plz provide detail information sir

  • Riddhi

    My Dob : 10/10/1990
    Birth time : 1:55pm
    Divorse in my kundli?????
    If yes than what about my Second mairrage????
    Second mairrage in my kundli??????
    Foreign settlement in kundli?????

  • Riddhi

    Divorse in my kundli???????
    Second mairrage is in my kundli??????

  • Akshata Yeelur

    Sir will get a govt job? Will I pass NET EXAM?? My date of birth is 10/5/1988

  • Akshata Yeelur

    Sir I have done, b.ed I am constantly writing NET Exam but not able to clear sir. This time NET Exam result is yet to come sir will I pass exam this time? My date of birth is 10/May/1988.

  • Dear Mayur. You are not born for marriage. Dedicate your life to ashram. This is how your karma reveals to me. if at all you want to marrry then go with 3rd born person of any month. 3, 21, 12, 30 of any month

  • In the name of Jesus Christ I command right now, That by next year today you will become father. Believe in him.

  • Yes Anusha you will get government job surely.But Anusha is not good lucky name. Think about it

  • Vishwesh Chaudhari

    Sir, m Vishwesh Chaudhari I wanna Know if I will be a CA n is my current partner is right life partner for me? Birth date 12/11/1992

  • Mayur

    My DOB august/ 07/1991 timing 12:45 pm.
    Place :mumbai
    I want to know about my marriage.

  • Anusha

    My dob 21 july 1991.Can I get government will be my future..

  • Shiul

    I want to know can i do job in future, and muje jan na hai k meri married life kaesi rahegi.

  • Dear Jiyansh. Do not expect much. Adjust and live life in meditation. Your birth says that there is not much luck. But you will be happy. do not worry.

  • Hello Rajesh, Keep educational institute. You will become famous. or Try for government job surely you will get.

  • Hello Gowthamraj. Your future is excellent and your career amazing. Do part time business. you will be successful

  • Hello Anand Sharma, Yes will become engineer. You will get settled late in life. Everything delay. But do not worry.

  • Hello kirubhaharan. You will be very successful in job. You will be well settled. The girl will not love you back. Go for arranged marriage.

  • Hello Priyanka. There is 8 as destiny number. So you may face some problems with your career. But Do not worry. At the end you will see success.

  • Yes you will get police department government job if you try. But love affairs will spoil your life.

  • Jiyansh

    Date of birth 17/08/2016, time 11:55 night pls sir ….i want truly result. ……..

  • Rajesh

    My dob 12-10-1988 time 13.10 PM I want to know my future

  • Riya Kumari

    My DOB is 20Aug 2000,10:05pm at jmu…I want to know my future…including profession as well as difficulties in life

  • Gowthamraj

    Hello sir my date of birth is 21-02-1989
    How will be my future and how will be my carrer

  • Hello sir i m Anand sharma my date of birth is 13/12/1994 ..I will be an engineer or not…please tell me about my future…and my career..

  • K.kirubhaharan

    Hi i am Kirubhaharan my DOB is 10-09-1993, 6.18AM so tell me about my future currently I am doing my MBA say about my job and I am loving one girl in my college will she love me back and everything else about me.

  • Priyanka

    Hello sir, my name is Devi Priyanka. I was born in 11.09.1995 ,11:45 PM. I want to know about my career.

  • Hi my name is rakshith k my date of birth-11/05/1991 time 8.40 am.i need to know will i get government job or not and what will be my carrer life.

  • You choose to become Finance related jobs. or go for teacher job in engineering sector. Do not postpone things. Lucky number is 1

  • Hello yasmeen Yes you will get govt job. Your married life will be good if you marry 9, 18, 27, born boy.

  • Abhishek I am sorry to say that you will face many difficulties in life. Be ready to face with courage. Your lucky number is 6.

  • Harshit Dubey

    My DOB is 02-12-1993 I have completed my graduation from an engineering college could you please tell me about my career or any suggestions from your side my birth place is MHOW (M.P)

  • Yasmeen bano

    My d.o.b is 24-11-1983 and time 9:00 am will I got govt job and how will be my married life

  • Amghali sumi

    heloo sir my name is amghali sumi and I so confused about the goals in my life.. please say something about my future.

  • Hello sir i am Abhishek my date of birth is 26-02-2001 please tell me my real future and my luck and lucky numbervand about my future please

  • Sorry, You will not pass the exam. Try medical field or acting or business or lecturer fiels

  • Hello anand sharma. Sorry you do not have engineering aptitude. Your better future is in Business or acting and movies or Lecturer

  • Hello Subh. Thanks you for taking your precious time and writing your valuable and encouraging view. Thanks

  • Hello sir I am Anand my date of birth is 11/12/1994. My question is that I will be an engineer or not…if I am not …then plz tell me about my future

  • Hello sir I m Anand my date of birth is 11/ question that I will pass my entrance exam or not which are going to take place in next year…and I will be an engineer or not…

  • Amit

    Hi my Amit
    Bod: 17.06.1993
    Tell about my career /job

  • Hello, you are a born leader. Do your own business. Your lucky number is 2. And your turning point is 2021

  • Hello, Reetika Gupta You will not pass the exam. But there is one way to pass. Do not get angry with your family members. Touch their feet everyday morning to pass the exam

  • Vanitha, you will get married in the year 2017. You will get job around that year only. Marry the boy born on 3,12,21,30 of any month. If you do not marry as i said above you will get divorce

  • Hello Ashwini, I see that there is going to be a magic luck for you starting from December 16 at 3.00 a.m onwards. After that you will see that you life changes completely. You won’t die. Wait for dec 16 and you will not regret.

  • Hello Shajahan. Your Business failed because of powerless brand name. What is your date of birth?

  • Divya

    And I want to go canada …so this time it is possible for me???

  • Divya

    I give ielts exam 3rd time …and I want to know …this time I get 6 band ???

  • Ekta Vishwabandhu

    Will I get government job n when n in which field my birthdate is 9-11-92

  • Ekta Vishwabandhu

    Will I get government job n in which field and when?


    I am anand l m
    My dob :- 28/04/1984. Time 11:00am
    I am working sales consaltant at car dealership. I want to know my future and career and lucky number

  • Reetika Gupta

    Hi … My dob is 9 Nov 1996 and time 9:45pm . I want to ask if I would pass my exams which are going to take place in Nov ?

  • vanitha

    Hi ,I’m Vanitha. My date of birth is june 14, 1994 .My question is , when will I get job? And tell me about my marriage.

  • Ashwini

    My date of birth is 25-05-1998 at 1:25a.m. I’m a female. My zodiac sign is Aries. I lost all hope about my life. I want to suicide now. But I’m scary. When will I die? Please inform me that when will I die?

  • Shajahan. M

    I am shajahan. I am postgraduate. but now in business. my business is failed with lot of problems. so let my house. but there was lot of problems there. I feel very sad all these problems. kindly request your opinion.

  • Hello correct your name as Shrreyansh. This name will take 32. which is 5 a lucky one. Your horoscope is good

  • Sathish. Do not do anything business now. You will face loss. Go for jobs like cbi,police,court related, cashier related. Sathish has bad vibration as per numerology. Change name to Arjun.

  • Hello Ganga Gupta, You will surely pass in the exams as per your birth date. My blessings to you.

  • Hello Sujatha. Your name is in the top 10 hit list names of numerology. Urgently change your name from sujatha to varshni. Some names are very dangerous. Among them sujatha is one. By now you might have faced many difficulties

  • Varleen

    Hi I m Varleen .. Dob: 24 feb1988.. When vl I get my own house??

  • sathish

    Hi I’m sathish I born 18/3/1990 morning by 3:30 which job I can go for,im planning to open a shop

  • Reetika Gupta

    Hi I m Ganga Gupta my exams are in November please tell me if I will pass in my exams of CAor not

  • Shreyansh

    Hi Shyam….can u pls suggest any alternative to the name change as it might not be possible any time soon. Otherwise how does the horoscope look?

  • hemant rastogi

    U mean i will be never get the govt job.i alway face the problem for money in my life .i can’t do those thing what i expected in my life

  • Ravneet with out date of birth it is difficult to predict.But thanks My seventh sense says you will become psychologist only and singer as a part time.

  • Hello Pranali Try to go for police related jobs. or CA finance related or motor related. First try with army cbi or police.

  • Hi anil you will recover from paralysis by 2019. This year will be a turning point to you. Wish you a fast recovery

  • Hello Anil. I feel sad for the sickness of paralysis. If you send me your date of birth, I can analyze. Fast recovery.

  • Hemant. You are on a risk zone. Almost your life will face dangers. Change your name to Varshan to get luck. And do not expect much in life. Satisfy with what you get. That is what I can tell you.

  • Hello Shreyansh. First change your name as it is not vibrating positively as per pronology. SH is a negative vibration when comes twice.

  • Hi Sonia Your fate number is 8. So your lucky number is 5. I am worried about your future because there is a problem with birth. You may not get job as you desire and even if you get you will not be in peace. So be ready to face with courage some things.

  • Ravneet

    I want to know that …do I have luck to become psychologist or singer?

  • Pranali

    My dob is 18-1-1997 please tell me about my future in carrier

  • Anil Baladhye

    Hi i am anil burn un daund maharashtra dob 3-2-1981@9:47pm igot paralyisis attack one year over pleas tell me when i will recover ffrom this send it in my email id anilbaladhye@yahoo com

  • Anil Baladhye

    Hi team
    I got paralysis attack one year over
    When i will recover pleas send id on my email id

  • Bhuvnesh

    When I will got job
    I am b tech eng from biotech
    I born in Jaipur 01-08-93
    at 5.24am

  • hemant rastogi

    Hii i m hemant rastogi dob 12/12/1991 timing 4:55 am i want to know my future when will i get job when i”ll settle in my life .i study i lot bt no result . What i “ll do in study fr job

  • Shreyansh

    Dob- 28.05.1989. Time 10.46am. Pls advise on horoscope.

  • Sonia

    Hello my name is sonia panghal
    My date of birth is 11 dec. 1992
    Time- 10:00 am
    Birth place hisar
    I want to know about my future and lucky number
    when i got job?

  • Hello Vijay Try for a government job seriously after MCA. You will get job. Your lucky number is 1

  • Hello Priyanka your horoscope sign is Capricorn. Kevin Costner a famous actor is born with your birth. Your Lucky number is 9

  • Priyanka

    I want to know my horoscope date of birth was 26 december 1994 , time was 10:10 am, day was monday..please informe me at

  • Vijay

    Hi,,,I’m vijay now I’m studying MCA in telangana university,,,
    Born place jagtial ,,,DOB: 11-11-1994

  • Hello. You will become artist if you try in movies. You will have a bad marriage life. May be because of wrong friends. Divorce happens if not taken care. Lucky number 1 .

  • Hello Reetika, Mars is ruling you right now. CA is born for you. You will become CA easily with minimum work. But do not postpone works. Your lucky number is 6. Wear number 15 on your your left middle finger

  • HI.
    My date of birth is 29jan1993. I was born in Delhi. I want to know about my future.

  • Reetika Gupta

    Hi .. I am Reetika Gupta. My date of birth is 9 Nov 1996 . I was born in New Delhi. I want to know if I have the luck to be a CA.

  • Hi Nithin, You will become doctor with difficulties. But sure You will become as per your birth date. Do not give up.

  • Hi Charan your date of birth is excellent.You are very lucky.Business suits you. Your lucky numbers 7 and 2

  • Hello pooja.Saturn is ruling your life. Do not take risks in life. Accept life as it is. I request you to take lucky name correction

  • Pooja

    Hi my name is Pooja and my date of birth is 8-8-1993 and timing is 12.23pm

  • charan kumar m

    Charan kumar.m
    Sir I want to know my future and my lucky numbers

  • M. Sai Nithin Raj

    Hi my name is M. Sai Nithin Raj, my date of birth is 3-1-2000,time-4:15pm,i was born in kazipet, warangal…. Do I have luck to become doctor??

  • Hello your date of birth is 20 which represents moon. Do not be oversensitive. Take things easily and do not take each and everything serious way. Live in peace of heart. Your lucky number is 1

  • Dear Prateek your Lucky number is 6. You must avoid fantasies and live life in reality. This way you will secure your future.

  • Prateek Bhardwaj

    Hi my name is prateek.. my date of birth is 9 may 1988..

  • Ramachandra barik

    My date of birth is 20-10-1975…I was born in cuttack on 10:52 AM. I want to know my future….

  • You are a born leader.You will flourish in Business. I suggest to get into a small business without partners. Your future babul chakraborthy is fantastic. you will see very soon the magic of luck in your life. I suggest you to take name correction.

  • abhisheikh mahajan

    Plez snd me my horoscope on the given email address

  • when did I get mahadasha to succeed in my life please inform me about my career details.
    thank you.

  • Lily

    Is this a HOAX? FREE HOROSCOPE? Nothing … no information being given to me!!

  • babul chakraborty

    My dob 1-4-1988 time 5- 5.30 am I want to know my future

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