Cloud Burst Uttarakhand

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Cloud Burst Uttarakhand

30 people almost died in the cloud burst  Uttarakhand.  Why always there is a crisis the state of Uttarakhand.  Just now we have heard this news of cloud burst which is very shocking. In numerology, name will play a great role. This way numerology will have its effect on any state if you want to be successful.  Uttarakhand cloud burst. Rescue teams of natural disaster sent its teams. This happened because of torrential rains. Cloud Burst Uttarakhand has its negative effects.

Let us see the numerology of Uttarakhand. As per the Chaldean Numerology

U = 6, T=4, T=4, A= 1, R=2, A=1, K=2, H = 5, A=1, N= 5, D= 4

If we add the total uttarakhand numbers we will know the shocking numbers which has brought up this uttarakhand cloudburst.  The total number comes upto 35 = 8 Cloud Burst Uttarakhand

The number 8 is known as Saturn which is a bad number which will give adverse effects.

Number of Vowels:  9, Number of Consonants : 26

When we add the number of consonants, we are getting the number 26 which is highly regarded as dangerous number in numerology. 26 is highly dangerous and this number must not be for any one. Now uttarakhand has this number internally. This is not at all good for the state. This is the exact reason why this state suffered cloudburst and 30 feared dead. So it is always better to have a good name for any state to be lucky.

Cloud Burst Uttarakhand mishap

In recent history, we see that Uttarakhand is suffering a lot due to some or other mishap. We see many people are suffering with high poverty rate and there are lots of natural calamities taking place in one way or other. This is really disturbing and need to be assessed clearly as per astrology and numerology which are the base for any luck.  Not to forget that numerology will certainly give all the benefits what one requires.

As per pronology also uttarakhand may not have bad pronunciation but we have some good vibrations like ra and an. These sounds are extremely lucky and one needs to consider really to have  these vibration when naming personally or naming any business. So Numerology has its effect on recent uttarakhand cloudburst where 30 feared dead.