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When you want to become lucky, Numerology is the solution. It will remove all your bad effects. Now in this article, I will tell you some secrets of numerology. As an expert numerologist I found that many people are in search of luck, money and happiness. But this is not easy to achieve in this competitive world of life. This is only possible with one age old science. If you Change Name Spelling as per Numerology you will surely succeed.

Correcting your name numerological

Then reason is that our ancestors gave so many mysterious powers to this world before they had left. Consequently we took those. But unfortunately so many mysterious powers are not in practice. People either forgot or took it easy. One of those mysterious still remembered and followed by some people is Numerology. A science which will turn all bad effects into good effects. It produces luck. The great thing about numerology is that if you go to any numerologist and Change Name Spelling as per Numerology, you will experience luck in no time. It is not possible with other lucky giving systems like astrology, tarot, palmistry. They do work in the long run. But numerology is an instant remedy. If you change name spelling you will get luck almost in one day or two days. You will experience the power though.

Right method to Change Name Spelling as per Numerology

The best method I suggest is to approach numerologist who is well qualified. This is not an easy task to know. Now a day I see some numerologists are not well qualified. See my article on Best Numerologist in India Here you will know who is the best qualified one. Qualification does not mean only certificate. But mostly you must investigate old clients of that numerologist. Ask them how they feel after approaching that numerologist. And how the numerology tuned spelling worked for them. If you get good testimony, then you can approach. Well you can get their phone number by asking the numerologist himself. He will give you one. So approach your numerologist. If you want me to correct your name, I guarantee lucky results in one week, you can Contact me

Wrong method: The wrong method is to calculate your name by reading some books. I saw some correct their names by checking on internet. They do not know how much serious blunder they make. I tell this because 60% secrets are not there in many numerology books and internet. This knowledge is like magic. Usually no numerologist wants to share that knowledge and I am no exception. Usually we do not share some secret information about numerology methods and Numerology Predictions our ancestors followed. So never attempt with basic numerology. This practice may put you in serious trouble.

Learn Basic Numerology

If you want to learn then start Study of Numerology where you will learn some basic numbers and their qualities. It may take up to 4 years to learn numerology perfectly. Learning is an ongoing process through experiences. See how I explained in one of articles about Numerology of names and you will get some idea about it. First learn what is birth number and what is Life path number which are the pillars of numerology name correction. So start slowly. But finally I suggest you to learn by experiences. Your experience is what all matters. One lucky name may not be fit for other. We know lucky names only through experiences and not by mere numerology methods.

For example if a person is born on one two or there dates. Then you must first understand what each date tells. Life for Numerology 1 tells that he is a leader. You have to learn in this way up to Numerology 9 this is the starting point of learning numerology.


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