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boys names starting with R and I

I am giving some boy names starting with r. This names are not according to numerology but it give enough output on how numerology works. The name that I give here are lucky. But you have to analyze as per date of birth. Every one is different on this earth. So it is wise that you approach numerologist to analyze which name is better for your child. So that you can get things better. What I mean is luck. Your baby will enjoy more lucky life than ever if you follow numerology.

Numerology naming is an art. I see some people trying their own names. They depend on reading some books. Do not try like that. Reading numerology books is different. That is basic numerology. You cannot apply such numerology.It is better to leave for your numerologist to decide your babies name.Your name must be tuned properly. Proper means baby’s lucky name is decided as per the day of birth and destiny of birth. This both go hand in hand when naming a particular baby. Finally I tell that every baby is born lucky. But in our hands we have some power to keep that luck there itself

Boys names with R

  • Raghu
  • Ramu
  • Rishwan
  • Rudhra
  • Raki
  • Rushu
  • Ramyan
  • Rishikesh
  • Rithwin

Boys names starting with i


  • ithihas
  • idhayan
  • iramsi
  • iranikya
  • iju
  • ivamsi
  • inya
  • irkram

For example you have a lot of money in your hand. If you are not careful you will lose them or else you may face loss if you do not invest properly in to your business. So make sure you do things rightly. In the same way our baby is born with luck. But we have to keep that luck and get through. Then you will live a lucky life.

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