Birth chart

birth chart

Get free astrology birth chart by entering your date of birth. Get astrological natal chart fully free. We may have not to worry now about what is my birth chart. It is totally free only on numerologyblis. Our Birth Chart tells about what are into on this earth. Astrology Chart is something very wide concept and broad knowledge.You cannot understand your chart totally unless you take your chart to any expert. Astrology plays a great role in revealing some of the unknown things those are related in relation to human life. One of those points is your raasi.Your Raasi according to your birth date. In India one’s Raasi varies from that of western world so called Sun Signs. But India has very special way of narrating one’s chart. This is called in very detail Indian Astrology.

So Just enter below details and get fully enabled free birth chart exclusively powered by on behalf of Just enter your details in the chart aptly or correctly. Latitude or longitude is taken automatically. So don’t worry about latitude of your birth place.

Free Birth Chart

Astrological Charts given above is very important, when you want to analyze and know your future.The information given in the chart can be understood by you. But some deep predictions need to be taken to the expert to decode it and tell you what lies ahead in the future.This astrological chart is completely free here on numerologyblis. You wont get this free information so easily unless someone offers you free of cost. So I request all the website readers of numerologyblis to understand your chart in detail and reap all the benefits out of it. Everything is given in detail. Don’t enter your date of birth details wrongly. If you do so, you will get wrong report. Go for this chart only if you know your date of birth in detail. Also Don’t depend on some other elders who tell your date of birth is such and such date. You should know your date of birth only through your parents. You should have clear idea of about your birth date. Numerologyblis wishes you a great future for you with the astrological chart. Take enough time to read the chart deeply and carefully. The chart given to you has many different meanings. So to know the meaning of your life, you should relate the chart with your personal life. This will take you to other level to understand clearly the life ahead. It is of great importance. The astrological chart will give you knowledge for life time. As the prediction involved in the astrology chart are permanent. So estimate accordingly all your details and understand the future and mysteries.

History of Astrology

Astrology had taken its roots from aster and logos meaning star and logic. Astrology is the oldest among all the sciences existing today. In simple words, astrology is the language of the stars around us. Our astrology chart is just the map of the behavior of stars in the universe. Astrology reveals the past, present and the future if carefully analyzed. It also tells us the way to live in the future by taking care of certain things. Astrology, Astronomy and Psychology are very closely related and the 3 sciences are inter dependent on each other to decode certain truths. Astrology can predict accurately about one’s life if his or her birth details are apt and perfect. Many people benefited by using astrology as a means of material success. This is the reason why this science still exists with out any problem. It is the oldest science ever in the world. The simple difference between Numerology and Astrology is that of Prediction and Solution. What I mean to say is that Numerology is a Prediction Science. It tells your Past, Present, Future and in one word, Astrology reveals your fate altogether. It says that you cannot escape fate. And Numerology is purely a Solution Science. What I mean is that numerology helps the fate to change its way towards positive vibrations.