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Baghdad Numerology

Baghdad NumerologyNumerology of Baghdad is  what today article. We will see as per Baghdad Numerology which are the numerology numbers coming up. As of now Baghdad is the place where so many mishaps occur. But Astrology and Numerology has its own definitions to play here. As per Numerology there may be bad vibrations but as per astrology there would be so many other things that we need to ponder upon. So it is apt that we have to stick to Astrology.

In Baghdad Numerology 119 dead by car bomb on July 3, 2016

Let us check Numerology Numbers of Baghdad.

B= 2 A=1 G=3 H= 5 D=4 A=1 D=4

The total as per Chaldean Numerology comes as 20. And Vowels 2 and consonants 18

Here in Baghdad Numerology we have 2 highly dangerous numbers 20 and 18 which are known to be very bad name numbers for any country. This has been told since centuries that 20 and 18 are  not ta all good numbers for anything to prosper. They are a bloc for any country. 20 is a judgement number where Titanic holds the same number. So suddenly something takes place if any one having the name number 20. So it is better to be careful fully when you possess such numbers.  20 is called a judgement. So it is known as judgement number.

18 is known to be a number of blood shed in numerology. This has been told since centuries that any name taking 18 as name number will have its adverse affects surely that it will become unavoidable to change the fate. So the car bomb blast of Baghdad yesterday could be also as the numerology holds its definition. 18 is finally not a good number. It is highly bad. So if this number is with personal name then  it brings problems in marriage too. 18 is also known as a number of marital problems.

18 Numerology

Numerology cannot be disregarded as one of science but must be taken care too by the authorities as it is an age old science of all truths and justice where genuine things have been derived. So it is very important to know the power of numbers and the effect of the numbers on a name resulting to either a disaster or a prosperous life.