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44 number

This number has power in its own. This master number must not be used for personal names. It should be used only for naming your business or for all brand names or website names. This master number 44 does wonders for your business and give all delights of luck and profit. This number is very good for gaining wealth very fast from your company. You will stand out among others and outshine other brands. This is very special and peculiar number. Your business  will grow fast.

But there is a danger with this number that it will make you mad of money. You will have desire to gain more and more wealth and will lead you to other activities and this becomes a problem for your brand and company. So just take all the luck from this master number 44 and don’t be mad of wealth.

44 number is the culmination of 2 strange planets which we call in astrology and numerology as Uranus. This Uranus has high potential to  take things high in the beginning  and may also drop you all of a sudden to down if you are not careful. Because we cannot understand how Uranus behaves at a later stage after applying the number to our brand name or business name or personal name. But one main lucky thing is to make sure that if you have this number 44 in your personal or business name, then you must be careful to not to become lazy to live a disciplined life.  If for example 44 takes you to heights of luck in 3 months of starting your business then you will feel some laziness and seek for  more and easy money. In this way you may take wrong step because of Uranus.

I can give guarantee as an expert numerologist that 44 number will give you luck instantly than any other master numbers. So you can trust this number and apply to your brand with and expert numerologist. If you have this number 44 in your brand name then you will be more lucky in short time and you will feel the bliss of life.